(DL) —  Most beginners play paintball in the woods.  You've been invited to a birthday party or corporate event.  This guide will truly help you, I guarantee it. Here is why. For many years I have played at a woods ball field. Week after week I help first time players play comfortably, even excel. I am not a professional, but I play three times a month and I do also play speedball (air bunkers) at other fields, I can and will help you here.  When done, visit my Youtube channel: DangerManXX for a multitude of HOW TO videos taking your game to the next level.  

Woodsball paintball the Great Equalizer

Before we begin understand that woods ball as it is called is the great equalizer.  You can get away with being a beginner paintballer playing against great great players in the woods.  How? Why? Because of the trees, the branches and various unforeseeable objects that get in the way of shots.  In some respects, you have the advantage because a seasoned player can’t play his game in the woods like he can on a speedball field.  This is one reason Speedball paintball players are snobs towards playing in the woods.  They don't like the unpredictability of the woods.

First rule in Paintball 

Understand that ...