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Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Thu 7 Feb 2013 4:01 PM EST | 1812 Views
(DL)  You can only lose something forever once. Accepting loss isn't impossible. Accepting when something is lost is the answer. Many times in your life you will achieve something great. Many times you will posses something wonderful. As nothing lasts forever, things change. Each of us is
destined to lose what we once possesed. Whether it is a keepsake we lose to a fire or a person we part with by death.  Time will always produce loss.

There are many stories that can be told based on this truth such as appreciation of what you have while you have it, or what you can do to keep change at bey. Yet in the end destiny and fate are one and the same. What you have will be gone. 

You are walking along smiling happily to yourself and you drop something valuable to the ground. It falls through a grating, down the drain it goes. Perhaps you are swiming in the ocean and foolishly it slips from your fingers and under the waves it vanishes. In both cases, you must ask yourself.  Is it gone forever?  
Key to your heart
You can lose something and find it again. This is true. You can lose something many times over and perhaps regain possession of it many many times. But one day you will lose it forever. You must know when that moment has come.

You must then ask yourself, "Do I go in search of something that is never coming back or do I let life take me to the next joy?" What will you do? The wiser of us all knows when enough-is-enough. To attempt to regain something lost forever is a foolish game. One that can only lead to madness and pain. The wiser of us all knows you move on.

They say never burn a bridge you cross so that you may return one day. That may be true but what if you've crossed that bridge and gone so far you lose your way back? When you've lost your way, maybe you entered 'forever'. Recognize your environment it may mislead you and you must see it for what it really is.

The choice to fight for something lost is the the lesson here. What is more important is to not fight for something you can no longer fight for. To understand something is gone and never coming back is the absolute key.  Too many times in a man's life (or woman's) we believe it is never too late.  That is wrong. There is a 'too late'.  There is a time when something is lost forever.  
You can only lose something forever one time.  Know when that time has come and accept it. 
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