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Everything Wrong with Spider-Man Homecoming (Spoilers)

Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Fri 7 Jul 2017 2:19 AM EST | 928 Views

(DM) – Friday July 7 2017 Every movie has flaws. Spider-Man Homecoming is a fun film. It fits in nicely (or does it?) into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) established first in 2008's Iron Man.  

But does Spider-Man Homecoming hold up to canon or at least respect it?

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of everything wrong with Spider-Man Homecoming.  Don't read this if you have not yet seen the film. It is full of spoilers. 


No Spider-Sense. Not even a hint. Spider-Man's humor is minimized, more on this below. Spider-Man subtly crafted into a supported player like a CW show (Arrow or Flash) with helpers than a solo act. Last and most important the removal of Spider-Man's famous creed from his value set... "With great power comes great responsibility." No trace of this value. Vulture figures him out and no one else can? Betty Brandt a mindless drone? MJ a Daria wanna be?

MCU 8 year continuity is in question to maintain a 4 year high-school Spider-Man? Staten Island ferry carries cars again? Cap makes PSA's while being a war criminal?  Vulture steals alien tech for 8 years unfettered? MJ introduced before Gwen Stacey?

Characters repeatedly misrepresented from comics - one example, Betty Brant (covered prior). Mac Gargan is a thug first, not a detective? Ditko homage is poorly represented with NO Spider-Man suit during the iconic cover recreation. Iron Spider ArmorHomage to Iron Spider Armor and not actual ISA? Aunt May a hottie and she learns Peter is Spider-Man? 

Characters Out Of Character
Michelle J? is MJ, no Mary Jane?  No closure with Flash... Vulture doesn't snitch? Spider-Man is a keystone cop of a supe? Spider-Man exchanges wisecrack trait for accident prone hero? Best new worst trait to be like Hayden Christensen's whiney Padawan Anakin? 

WHY WHY WHY would Stark build in a kill protocol? Kill?
Spider-Man Suit
Just Plain Annoying
Setting up Miles Morales as Spider-Man already begun with Prowler referencing his nephew - ugh.  Stark moves his gear and tech without being directly involved or an escort? Friendly Neighborhood only includes Queens? No Manhattan patrol?  No Daily Bugle newspaper splashes. No Daily Bugle foil? Happy Hogan completely ignores Peter's friend when he places urgent call and states it is urgent. He doesn't for a moment consider it and hangs up. Worse yet Peter's friend couldn't just text in follow-up?

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