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Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Fri 1 Mar 2013 12:09 AM EST | 3210 Views
(DL) – Today I want to challenge you. Does it matter to you how you are perceived? I have an axiom that has become a precept in my life. 

Perception is everything, reality is nothing.

The adage above means it doesn't matter what is. It is telling you that perception is reality. Perception is truth. In this case of the question I've raised to you, I'm saying that what you really are inside does not matter. What matters is what people think you are. Of course this is something you can apply in other areas such as it doesn't matter what people see, it matters what they think.

Does it matter to you what people think of you? Let's be clear. The question is do you care how people perceive you? Because who you are and the perception of who you are by others are two entirely separate entities. 

Imagine that. You – are you. Despite there being only one you, the you that you know yourself to be and the you that others see you as may not be the same. For instance you may in fact be happy-go-lucky. You know that is your nature. Yet others could indeed decide you are someone that has pent up anger. Do you want that label if you know yourself not be angry?  Perhaps these poetic words will help:

   You might be the sweetest little girl in your heart
   But still the world ignores that and tears you apart

It does not matter what you know to be true in this world. It only matters what others believe to be true.

For me, I am ready to admit I care how I'm perceived. I can't dwell on is it fair? That won't change anyone's perception of me. I've changed my perspective on the subject of perception as my mind has matured. I grasp the importance of this fact. Yes fact. Not opinion. With the exception of a few evil mother f'ers in the world, I care how people see me. For jobs, for love, for respect.

I can't stress enough, I've lived with this tenet as a conviction for almost all my life.

   Perception is everything.
   Reality is nothing.

In today's modern world, what people think is paramount in your life. I say modern world but I suppose today's modern world may not be so different than any other point in time.  After all, hermits become what they are to escape what people think of them. To avoid being judged some of us pull back and pull away from the world around us.

The perception reality concept works for the bad as well as the good. Ever heard the saying, wolf in sheep's clothing? This is what I mean by evil mother f'ers in the world. There are those that play the part of kind and gentle soul for the sake of manipulating others. These people prey on perception reality. 

I've learned a lot from my axiom Perception is everything, reality is nothing.  It's kept me deftly aware of the things I do. Look we all want to live and let live, but life is for the living. You can't avoid being thought of one way or another. On a whole we accept who we are for what we are and learn to look in the mirror and be happy with what we see. But one day it hits you. You think about how you are living and you decide... is it time I take the long way home?

Unless you have no moral compass or have the emotional range of a rock – don't laugh I know people that fit this description, sooner or later some of us take a cold hard look in the mirror to see what others see in us. It's at that time we pay the price for perception.

I'll write more on this subject as it relates to things taking place in my philosophical rants. For now, be aware my dear reader. Sometimes reality is smacking you in the face and your perception of reality is about to be turned upside down.  If you are an artist or have an artisans mind about you, you may grasp this thought better. And don't think that sitting at a desk all day doesn't mean you don't have the mind about you. And all of us can have that edge. Isn't it strange that under the surface is what counts? If that is true then, is reality everything and perception nothing?
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