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Perception is everything, reality is nothing

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 1 Mar 2013 12:09 AM EST
Category: Philosophy | 3211 Views
(DL) – Today I want to challenge you. Does it matter to you how you are perceived? I have an axiom that has become a precept in my life. 

Perception is everything, reality is nothing.

The adage above means it doesn't matter what is. It is telling you that perception is reality. Perception is truth. In this case of the question I've raised to you, I'm saying that what you really are inside does not matter. What matters is what people think you are. Of course this is something you can apply in other areas such as it doesn't matter what people see, it matters what they think.

Does it matter to you what people think of you? Let's be clear. The question is do you care how people perceive you? Because who you are and the perception of who you are by others are two entirely separate entities. 

Imagine that. You – are you. Despite there being only one you, the you that you know yourself to be and the you that others see you as may not be the same. For instance you may in fact be happy-go-lucky. You know that is your nature. Yet others could indeed decide you are someone that has pent up anger. Do you want that label if you know yourself not be angry?  Perhaps these poetic words will help:

   You might be the sweetest little girl in your heart
   But still the world ignores that and tears you apart

It does not matter what you know to be true in this world. It only matters what...Read more...

The debt of true friendship

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Thu 28 Feb 2013 4:54 PM EST
Category: Philosophy | 2475 Views

In my short life which I've learned is oh so fleeting, there is a short list of lessons with profound importance. One of those life lessons is the importance of friendship. Friendship is far more than a state of mind.  Actions are what make a friend. While there are many virtues in friendship, friendship itself is the greatest virtue that comes with a great debt which can turn a life around. A genuine friendship paves the path to destiny.

The debt of friendship is as complex as it is intangible. A friendship gone wrong can cost...Read more...

Every hero becomes a bore at last

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 26 Feb 2013 11:50 PM EST
Category: Philosophy | 3206 Views

(DL) – I'd like to share something personal today. "Every hero becomes a bore at last."  Do you know who's quote this is?  Emerson, Sachin, Saurav?  Let's say for now the source doesn't matter; what does matter? It is true.

Upon hearing this quote for the first time years ago, it stimulated me to think a great deal.  The instant I came across it this quote made me think back to my youth. In my younger days I had an unquenchable desire. Yes I wanted to pursue my dreams of being an athlete and musician. But beyond all things... I wanted to be loved by the best woman in the world. To be in the company of such a woman, I needed to be worthy. I'd need to be her hero.

It was such a silly notion, so romantic and needlessly wanted. Because in time, somewhere between...Read more...

Brick oven coal fired pizza

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 26 Feb 2013 1:38 PM EST
Category: Lifestyle | 4039 Views

(DL) –  Today we pay homage to coal fired brick oven pizza. There is history behind pizza which I won’t bore you with but coal oven pizza is somewhat a dying breed.

Coal oven pizza should not to be confused with wood oven pizza. Both should be prepared in a brick oven but that is not always how they are prepared as modern technology likes to take shortcuts compromising authenticity.

Authenticity. Where does brick oven coal fired pizza originate? The lore of New Yorkers tells of a great pizza made in a small corner pizza shop in downtown Manhattan named Lombardi’s. 

The Lombardi’s story is the coal fired brick oven story. Heck, Lombardi's is the story of Pizza's orgin in America. Legendary is a misnomer – it's a fact, Pizza began at Lombardi's grocery circa 1897. Currently located in Little Italy at the corner of Mott and Spring Streets, Lombardi's has become a pilgrimage for locals and tourists alike.  I made my first visit it back in 2005 when my son and I dropped in on the recommendation of my then wife. She had eaten there prior. Who knows how she came about the place, yet in the end she told me how great it was and I had to know if she was right. Could a Ukrainian woman really knew pizza? Turns out she did. What she didn’t inform me of was Lombardi's history. It's rumored to be the oldest pizza parlor in Manhattan, and more specifically she did not tell me I would be dining on “coal oven” pizza. I must add some opinion to this piece. Lombardi's is special, but it is ...Read more...

Damian Wayne Dies

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Mon 25 Feb 2013 2:22 PM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 2865 Views

(DL) – Speculators load up on Batman and Robin #19  and Batman Inc # 8. This time it's not just Batman's sidekick Robin that dies it's Bruce Wayne's son Damian. He dies at the hands of his own clone brother Leviathan. I called this tragedy months in advance; I didn't forecast how he'd die. I did speculate Damian would die. Standing in the Captain Blue Hen comic book store I turned to my then girlfriend and said, "He's the logical choice to die." I felt this was the case as the Joker was tearing up Batman's inner circle and the only way to effectively sever Batman's inner circle was for Damian to die. After all, the series is called, Death of the Family.  The Joker plays center stage in the story but I saw him as a distraction to what would take place. This either speaks to my intuitive skill or Detective Comics (DC) predictability. Either way Batman's list of Robin's are now up to six. 
  1. – Dick Grayson
  2. – Jason Todd
  3. – Tim Drake
  4. – Stephanie Brown
  5. – Damian Wayne
  6. – Carrie Kelly (Robin with elderly Batman)
Dick Grayson became Nightwing. Todd was killed by the Joker and through resurrection became The Red Hood, Tim Drake has become the Red Robin, his girlfriend Stephanie Brown stepped in until she died soon after. Carrie Kelly doesn't come along until later in Batman's life through Frank Miller's masterpiece The Dark Knight Returns. That brings us back to number five, Damian Wayne. The last name rings ominous.  Bruce Wayne's son is now Robin. How did it all come to this?

...

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