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You Can Only Lose Something Forever Once

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Thu 7 Feb 2013 4:01 PM EST
Category: Philosophy | 1812 Views
(DL)  You can only lose something forever once. Accepting loss isn't impossible. Accepting when something is lost is the answer. Many times in your life you will achieve something great. Many times you will posses something wonderful. As nothing lasts forever, things change. Each of us is
destined to lose what we ...

Happiness Is A Choice

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 8 Jan 2013 5:09 AM EST
Category: Philosophy | 2140 Views
(DL) – A friend once told me,"Lars you have so much power over women, if you only knew how to use it."  I was naive. When I found a love that was meant to last, it was pure accident. 

Before I discuss love's place in happiness, it's wise to understand that before love for anyone else, you must first choose to see yourself as worthy of it. Some say, you must first learn to love yourself. It's something like that. You see, people are creatures of habit. We can spiral in a positive direction with a habit of positive nature, or spiral into a negative direction with a habit of negative nature. Each feeds on itself. To change for the better you must first stop your negative spiral before thinking of turning into the direction of a positive spiral.

This logic applies to relationships as well. Your relationship is either in a positive spiral or negative spiral. But let's stay on topic. You can't find happiness in an activity or substance. Nothing brings you happiness. You choose happiness. Happiness is long term. Any other means to happiness outside of choice is a cop-out and is short term. 

There are times that happiness can be taken from you and to make that choice of happiness seems impossible. Take for instance the bond to another human being. Love. Now let's talk about that power of love and how it affects happiness.

Only heaven can tell you if I ever had power over women. I never knew it. I never saw it. I just knew that being happy with myself may draw another happy person to me. There is a saying in music, "You're audience will find you." Being yourself is the key. No, not that easy going attitude of being yourself but doing what you enjoy is being yourself. Do what you enjoy, live the lifestyle you love and someone that shares those interest and values will have a life that aligns with your own.

People told me to not to look for love and I knew their remarks were subjective. Yet I was wise enough then to think I should look for love. Why? I knew something more. It wasn't look or don't look. They were right yet I was right. There was an answer in between the two.
In my memory was the answer that people advised against. I could not run away from that memory. The answer was hidden in the concept of fate. I believe in freewill. I believe we make our destiny, even if only to a degree. A song would manifest from something I understood in life. I knew 'better' than to lie in wait for love. The memory that manifested in me is the song I wrote Forced Fate. What became the message of Forced Fate? It became that I had inherent knowledge that for me –  I could not make a woman love me, but I could put myself in her path to find me. To that end I could force fate and not look for love, rather I'd put myself in love's path. I just needed to live, and be happy. Getting out there in life solved all my problems.  I would let myself dream.  I choose to be happy. Choose your fate, choose your path of happiness.

One day I found myself single again. OK, I didn't just find myself single. I attempted to transcend influence and break fate. It was not to be. No amount of sacrifice or positive energy was going to survive the unpredictability of an endless game. I argued with God to just let me hold things together for my children, but he rejected my argument out of hand then sent me to the cold side of the sun.

   “When you're cold, don't expect sympathy from someone who's warm.”  – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

What is the point to including this quote? People don't care if you feel alone. People don't care if you are not happy. In the end you either pull yourself out of it and live again, or you die. That comes in many forms. From taking drugs or drinking to forget your pain which only postpones it, or you take your life out of the sense that someone took your ability to be happy with yourself away.  Stolen, taken, whatever word you choose, it's the same. Let instinct drive you forward in that positive spiral or you will fall into that negative spiral. No one stays idle.  Keep telling yourself happiness is a choice. You may not find it right away. It can take days, weeks, months. Hopefully not years... But it will come and you will be better for it. Stronger. I have been there. The most rugged intellectual I know is myself but I can admit, I've been there. To the point I resented my own words and wondered if I could ever believe them.

It's been some time. I woke one morning, ...

Concert review: Train - Mat Kearney - Andy Grammer

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 24 Aug 2012 8:14 PM EST
Category: Concert Reviews | 2435 Views
PHILADELPHIA (DL)  Lars Hindsley, staff writer for PCM Magazine reviewed a triple bill at The Mann Music Center. In a summer of overwhelming heat and uncomfortably sticky summer nights, Saturday August 18th 2012 was the night to be under the stars at the Mann, or more formerly known as Mann Center for the Performing Arts in West Philly Pennsylvania.  

...

Concert Review: Foster the People

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Mon 11 Apr 2011 7:00 AM EST
Category: Concert Reviews | 2279 Views
PHILADELPHIA (DL)  Lars Hindsley, staff writer for PCM Magazine reviewed Foster the People in support of their album Torches at Kung Fu Neck Tie resting atmospherically under a Septa train track in the Fishtown section Philadelphia PA. The venue is true Philly, edgy and small!

Attending a concert for a band where your song exposure is limited to one is a risky night out. It can be a bit like opening a present. You don't know entirely what will be inside, you just know it's supposed to be something good. I opened that present Sunday evening, April the 10th 2011. This would be the break out year for Foster the People.

With press pass privilege, being inches from the band, it was a raw power overload. It all started with cliché low light. The buzz of a sustained synth cord was struck and five bouncing bodies began to draw energy from the crowd. This was going to be good....Read more...

The Man From Nowhere - Film Review: Korean masterstroke in action

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 1 Mar 2011 7:30 AM EST
Category: Film Reviews | 1526 Views
Four Danger Rating

(DL) –  If Kill Bill had more sophistication and class, if The Professional had a tear jerker ending –  it would be The Man From Nowhere.

The story is simple, a man left with nothing enduring his solitude has no interest in caring for anyone but himself. He just so happens to be ex-special forces. Billed as Korea's top billing film of 2010 and rated R for intense violence and implied gruesome acts, it's considered a Action-Thriller.

Unique in modern film The Man From Nowhere doesn't launch into action until ...Read more...

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