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Concert review: Train - Mat Kearney - Andy Grammer

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 24 Aug 2012 8:14 PM EST
Category: Concert Reviews | 2127 Views
PHILADELPHIA (DL)  Lars Hindsley, staff writer for PCM Magazine reviewed a triple bill at The Mann Music Center. In a summer of overwhelming heat and uncomfortably sticky summer nights, Saturday August 18th 2012 was the night to be under the stars at the Mann, or more formerly known as Mann Center for the Performing Arts in West Philly Pennsylvania.  

...

Concert Review: Foster the People

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Mon 11 Apr 2011 7:00 AM EST
Category: Concert Reviews | 1964 Views
PHILADELPHIA (DL)  Lars Hindsley, staff writer for PCM Magazine reviewed Foster the People in support of their album Torches at Kung Fu Neck Tie resting atmospherically under a Septa train track in the Fishtown section Philadelphia PA. The venue is true Philly, edgy and small!

Attending a concert for a band where your song exposure is limited to one is a risky night out. It can be a bit like opening a present. You don't know entirely what will be inside, you just know it's supposed to be something good. I opened that present Sunday evening, April the 10th 2011. This would be the break out year for Foster the People.

With press pass privilege, being inches from the band, it was a raw power overload. It all started with cliché low light. The buzz of a sustained synth cord was struck and five bouncing bodies began to draw energy from the crowd. This was going to be good....Read more...

The Man From Nowhere - Film Review: Korean masterstroke in action

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 1 Mar 2011 7:30 AM EST
Category: Film Reviews | 1141 Views
Four Danger Rating

(DL) –  If Kill Bill had more sophistication and class, if The Professional had a tear jerker ending –  it would be The Man From Nowhere.

The story is simple, a man left with nothing enduring his solitude has no interest in caring for anyone but himself. He just so happens to be ex-special forces. Billed as Korea's top billing film of 2010 and rated R for intense violence and implied gruesome acts, it's considered a Action-Thriller.

Unique in modern film The Man From Nowhere doesn't launch into action until ...Read more...

Interview: Cy Curnin

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Sun 19 Jul 2009 6:18 PM EST
Category: Musician Interviews | 8050 Views
(DL) – Cy Curnin, front man for one of the 1980's biggest new wave artist The Fixx, spent a late summer afternoon chatting with Lars Hindsley in what was more of a revealing philosophical conversation than an interview. 

How you doing?

Cy:  Reporting from the field, Cy Curnin, ducking bullets on Melrose.  Harley’s flying past every five seconds, but that’s the way it is, life today in the fast lane. 

Lars:  (chuckles) Where are you calling from?

Cy:  I’m calling from LA, Melrose Avenue.  My favorite hall for sitting outside Starbucks because they have free Wi-Fi and I get to watch some pretty ladies go by.  Feeling like an old git.  (laughs)

Lars:  I actually met you once. I wasn’t let down.  I thought you were down to earth.  You seemed to be more in tune to the, I guess down-to-earth movement at the time, for lack of a better term?

Cy:  Yeah, I’ve never really strayed from ...

INTERVIEW: Baxter Robertson

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Thu 15 May 2008 9:00 PM EST
Category: Musician Interviews | 2604 Views

Baxter Robertson is a career musician who has enjoyed 1980's recognition on MTV and west coast airplay. Baxter took time out with me to answer a wide range of questions. We covered music to sports and everything in between....Read more...

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