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How to broil steak - A quick Manly Meal

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 12 Mar 2013 10:18 AM EST
Category: Lifestyle | 2583 Views
(DL)  Assuming guys that you have a good steak to start with there are two major factors to consider aside from how rare or well done you like your steak.

 1. How high your rack is to the fire.
 2. Resting your steak.

If you screw up everything else following the two instructions above should still produce a great tasting juicy steak.

Let's keep this simple. This is not about grilling a steak, although ...Read more...

Drink green tea hot

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Sat 2 Mar 2013 9:42 AM EST
Category: Lifestyle | 2029 Views
(DL) You found the next drinking fad. Drinking green tea is great for weight loss improving endurance, reducing fat and stimulating metabolism. Maybe you're not dieting but enjoy healthy eating. Healthy refreshing sweet drink options at home are limited. There are few to no store bought drinks without fructose, sucrose or apple juice as a primary sweetening agent. The affordable healthy choices are limited to concord grape juice and orange juice.

Enter green tea. While teas in general are thought to detoxify your body, green tea has been one of the more highly emphasized teas in recent years primarily because it has more flavonoids, and it oxidizes less which in turn means more antioxidants. Great drinking option right? So what puts green tea above other tea types? ...Read more...

Brick oven coal fired pizza

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 26 Feb 2013 1:38 PM EST
Category: Lifestyle | 4041 Views

(DL) –  Today we pay homage to coal fired brick oven pizza. There is history behind pizza which I won’t bore you with but coal oven pizza is somewhat a dying breed.

Coal oven pizza should not to be confused with wood oven pizza. Both should be prepared in a brick oven but that is not always how they are prepared as modern technology likes to take shortcuts compromising authenticity.

Authenticity. Where does brick oven coal fired pizza originate? The lore of New Yorkers tells of a great pizza made in a small corner pizza shop in downtown Manhattan named Lombardi’s. 

The Lombardi’s story is the coal fired brick oven story. Heck, Lombardi's is the story of Pizza's orgin in America. Legendary is a misnomer – it's a fact, Pizza began at Lombardi's grocery circa 1897. Currently located in Little Italy at the corner of Mott and Spring Streets, Lombardi's has become a pilgrimage for locals and tourists alike.  I made my first visit it back in 2005 when my son and I dropped in on the recommendation of my then wife. She had eaten there prior. Who knows how she came about the place, yet in the end she told me how great it was and I had to know if she was right. Could a Ukrainian woman really knew pizza? Turns out she did. What she didn’t inform me of was Lombardi's history. It's rumored to be the oldest pizza parlor in Manhattan, and more specifically she did not tell me I would be dining on “coal oven” pizza. I must add some opinion to this piece. Lombardi's is special, but it is ...Read more...

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