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Music on a Desert Island

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Sat 14 Jan 2017 6:40 PM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 291 Views
On a desert island and the ability to listen with sustainable infinite power, and only a select few of albums to have - this is my personal list. 

1. The Cars - The Cars
2. ABC - The Lexicon of Love
3. The Clash - London Calling
2. Phil Collins - Face Value
4. Boston - Boston
5. Prefab Sprout - Jordan the Come Back
6. Tears for Fears - The Hurting
7. The Fixx - Reach the Beach
8. Dire Straits - Communique'
9. Dire Straits - Making Movies
10. ELO - Out of the Blue

11. Men at Work - Business as Usual
12. Panic! at the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
13. Steve Winwood - Arc of a Diver
14. Thomas Dolby - Astronauts & Heretics
15. Vapors - Vaporized
16. VHS or Beta - Diamons and Death
17. Zoot Woman - Living in a Magazine
18. Wet Wet Wet - Popped in Souled Out
19. Spandau Ballet - True
20. Talk Talk - It's My Life

DangerMan will be at Comic-Con 2016

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Sun 2 Oct 2016 7:52 PM EST
Category: Articles | 1074 Views
Lars Hindsley Comic-Con(DL) – October 2, 2016   DangerMan (Lars Hindsley) will be attending Comic-Con 2016 as Press for the fourth consectutive year.  This year expect more interviews, cosplay galleries daily and 'Man on the street' interviews.

If you are a publicist or represent any talent attending New York Comic-Con 2016 please contact Lars Hindsley at his g-mail address to schedule interviews in the press area or at your booth. 

Attack on Titan Game to be Released by Koei - Demo Previewed at E3

Sarah Allen
By Sarah Allen Fri 17 Jun 2016 9:46 AM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 1813 Views

(DM) – Friday June 17, 2016 Koei Tecmo, the Japanese gaming company most famous for Dynasty Warriors has announced a game based around the wildly popular Attack on Titan franchise.

There are three modes of play – Tutorial, Battle, and Titan. In Tutorial and Battle mode, players are able to fly through the air on “Vertical Maneuvering Equipment”, which to those unfamiliar with the series can think of as moving around like Spiderman with several swords strapped to his sides.Attack on Titan Gameplay Titans can only be killed by grappling on to a body part, swinging through the air, and cutting out a sizeable chunk at the nape of the neck in one fluid motion. So far there have been no complaints about a drop in graphics or gameplay quality with this fast paced movement from those who demoed at E3....Read more...

Marvel's Inside Joke: The Origins of Gwenpool

Sarah Allen
By Sarah Allen Wed 25 May 2016 8:18 AM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 2865 Views
(DM) – Wednesday May 25, 2016 Following the Gwen Stacy craze that transpired with the popularity of Spider-Gwen, and the Amazing Spider-man 2, Marvel decided they didn’t have enough of our money and gave us more Gwen Stacy and, hey, how’s this for an idea? Deadpool is popular, what if they were combined like some sort of cash cow from hell? Except, joke’s on us! She’s not Gwen Stacy and she’s not related to Deadpool!

Gwen Poole aka Gwenpool

So who is this pink and white lunatic running around Marvel’s universe? Where did she come from?

Gwenpool’s inception was originally an amalgamation of Gwen Stacy and Deadpool. She appeared in Howard the Duck,Howard the Duck Variant Gwenpool volume 4, the “Gwen Stacy” variant of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars issue 2, and in her own one-off special. Despite her similar look to Peter Parker’s once dead girlfriend, now alternate universe superhero, Gwenpool is actually a girl named, you guessed it, Gwen Poole. Gwen is from our world, the one where Marvel characters only exist in comics. And she is a huge fan of them all. Gwen gets to experience what any comic fan would give a left tit or testicle for (we’re all-inclusive here) and is sucked into the fantasy world of Marvel....Read more...

Harley Quinn Spin Off in the Works

Sarah Allen
By Sarah Allen Mon 16 May 2016 8:22 AM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 2310 Views
(DM) – Monday May 16, 2016. In the arms race between the MCU and DCCU, it looks like DC has not just one, but possibly two female-centric superhero movies. Following the hype surrounding the soon to be released Suicide Squad movie, Margot Robbie (who plays Harley Quinn) pitched the idea of a movie featuring not only her character, but other female heroes and villains.

Harley Quinn Movie Robbie will be heavily involved as a producer – something she has experience with through her own company LuckyChap Entertainment.

Discussions with WB execs have included adding Batgirl and...

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