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IronMan 3 - Film Review: Actionless Convoluted Let Down

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 3 May 2013 1:17 AM EST
Category: Film Reviews | 3105 Views
Two Dangers

(DL) – Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) opens Iron Man 3 narrating with an analogy to summarize the entire story before we experience it. It's not good. And that sums up what you can expect of the entire movie experience. It's not good. It doesn't suck, but as Iron Man 3 continues with characters quoting forgettable analogies meant to be memorable, they fail even in the category of cliché.

The producers of Iron Man 3 had a host of good stories to pull out from the Iron Man cannon. Extremis being a great choice as Iron Man ( 2008) essentially features the new desert origin with the modern armor design. Both Iron Man ( 2008) and Iron Man 3 (2013) borrow heavily from the Extremis storyline, a six part comic book series written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Adi Granov.  

With such a great start to Marvel's film version of Iron Man, you'd expect any more of Extremis to be a big hit on film. It misses. I blame director Shane Black. He makes great use of Robert Downey Jr's interpretation of Tony Stark by way of Tony's selfish humor, but everything else about Iron Man is watered down.  Many will argue that Iron Man 3 is filled with action. If you constitute Iron Man parts flying around by themselves or attaching them to Tony as action, then I stand corrected. Watching Tony drag it around, sit on the couch in it and fly out of a bar using it as his ride home is not action. Continuity comes into question numerous times. What is with the sudden power concern? Didn't he resolve that issue with the arc reactor in the previous two installments?  Another question you'll need to ask yourself is why do the Iron Man suits suddenly show weakness to heat? I'm all for suspending disbelief, don't mess with continuity or movie goers struggle to stay on board.
 ...

Oblivion - Film Review: Predictable Eye Candy

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Tue 23 Apr 2013 5:04 PM EST
Category: Film Reviews | 2334 Views
Two Dangers

(DL) – Science Fiction asks us to accept a false reality based on plausible possibility. Great stories are best when each turn comes as a surprise. Neither takes place in Oblivion. We enter Earth in the year 2077. Earth won a war against an alien race called Scavs. In winning the war 60 years prior, humans lost the planet. Our protagonist Jak Harper (Tom Cruise) tells us he is working on drones that protect giant mechanical beasts harvesting water for Earthlings now living on the Saturn moon Titan. The drones fight remaing Scavs that fight on against humans despite losing the war. Now the story begins. Jak is part of a two man team about to finish a tour of duty and join other Earthlings on Titan but his human nature and fragmented memories push him to get answers. His curiousity and love for Earth is not shared by his assigned romantic team mate Victoria yet he accepts her affections....Read more...

lbs - FILM Review: Starring Carmine famiglietti

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Sat 2 Mar 2013 10:02 PM EST
Category: Film Reviews | 3151 Views
Three Dangers

(DL) – We go to the movies to be entertained, but isn't great to be inspired? We often connect with a film because we have traveled the same road as the character the story. Carmine Famiglietti's Lbs, is a movie with both qualities. You may think that I’m talking about a blockbuster hit, a must see film that already has a media blitz. Lbs never had the backing of a major film label; it’s just a small indie film that almost got lost in history; good for you it has not.

In fact it almost never saw the light of day. Few know Lbs first made a splash in the Sundance Film Festival in ...Read more...

Concert review: Train - Mat Kearney - Andy Grammer

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 24 Aug 2012 8:14 PM EST
Category: Concert Reviews | 2437 Views
PHILADELPHIA (DL)  Lars Hindsley, staff writer for PCM Magazine reviewed a triple bill at The Mann Music Center. In a summer of overwhelming heat and uncomfortably sticky summer nights, Saturday August 18th 2012 was the night to be under the stars at the Mann, or more formerly known as Mann Center for the Performing Arts in West Philly Pennsylvania.  

...

Concert Review: Foster the People

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Mon 11 Apr 2011 7:00 AM EST
Category: Concert Reviews | 2281 Views
PHILADELPHIA (DL)  Lars Hindsley, staff writer for PCM Magazine reviewed Foster the People in support of their album Torches at Kung Fu Neck Tie resting atmospherically under a Septa train track in the Fishtown section Philadelphia PA. The venue is true Philly, edgy and small!

Attending a concert for a band where your song exposure is limited to one is a risky night out. It can be a bit like opening a present. You don't know entirely what will be inside, you just know it's supposed to be something good. I opened that present Sunday evening, April the 10th 2011. This would be the break out year for Foster the People.

With press pass privilege, being inches from the band, it was a raw power overload. It all started with cliché low light. The buzz of a sustained synth cord was struck and five bouncing bodies began to draw energy from the crowd. This was going to be good....Read more...

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