The Ultimate 10 Best Rec Ball Paintball Tips for Beginner Woodsball Paintballers

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The Ultimate 10 Best Rec Ball Paintball Tips for Beginner Woodsball Paintballers

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Only DangerMan Has This Definitive Beginner Paintball Tips Tactics Strategy & Advice List. You’re in for it now. Fate has lingered and I propose a toast. You will never find a better list of beginner paintball tips. These are in game tips. Solid, rock solid tactical tips that you won’t find anywhere else. Many tips here full videos behind them to hammer home their point with instructions.

No Other List or Site Has These Paintball Secrets

That is until they start stealing it. So be advised, if you see other sites updating their lists with DangerMan’s tips. Call them out. And let us know, we’ll memorialize it here and shame the hell out of them.

The Ultimate Ten Best Paintball Tips For Beginner Woodsball Paintballers (These ten are 21 thru 30)


10Guarding the Flag is Meaningless

If you enjoy watching other people play paintball, guard the flag. If you want to give your team one less person to fight with, guard the flag. Don’t guard the flag. And frankly, if someone needs to guard the flag, it should be used as bait. You don’t take a bunker ten feet from the flag to guard anything.

9Do NOT Immediately Bunker Down

The horn blows, both teams are running towards each other to battle it out. Why would you run ten or twenty feet from the starting point and grab a bunker? That doesn’t help your team. It doesn’t help you. Why? Hiding in the back of the field isn’t paintball. Still not convinced? There is an old saying in paintball. Every Back Man Becomes A Front Man. It means, if you play the back and your team is wiped out, then you have the entire other team coming down on your head because you are now the new front man. Congrats. You hid in the back, your team lost players when you could have been just one more form of power up where they needed you. Instead your whole team died the old death by 1000 cuts.

8Learn from Your Mistakes

Did you get shot out the first game because you ran so fast, your team was nowhere near you to help? If so, you sure as hell shouldn’t put your hand in the fire twice.

7Gun Up

Are you walking through a quiet area? Are you entering a building? Are you about to turn a blind corner? Your gun should have been up ten steps ago. It should have never been at your side. You are harped on enough that your gun should always been at your side when not in game.  Well, now is the time to keep the damn thing up all the time.  The logic is simple, you lose a full second of time to draw your gun instead of already having it your sightline.

6Follow An Established Player

But don’t bird dog them or double bunker with them unless it’s a building or bunker that requires two or more to be in it. Established players will not just lead you up field. They will even do more than keep you alive in game. You’ll get invaluable in-game instruction.

5Don’t Go Prone

A sniper who doesn’t relocate is a dead sniper. Everyone has heard that one. It fits paintball well. If you lay down in paintball, it should be because you are crawling up below the other team’s sightline to get up field to sweet fortified bunker. Because almost any other reason to be on the ground will make you a sweet target to an opponent once you take your first shot. Going prone is for someone who plays the game with superior tactical skill. Not someone who wants to hide waiting for someone to walk by and get your easy shot. That almost always results in a trade. You get them, and then their team gets you. That’s a net zero gain. And you are on the sideline watching everyone play.

4Staying Alive Holds The Entire Opponent Team Back

If you think paintball is all about shooting the other team out then, you’re right! But as cute as that punchline is, it is also not right. Two truths can occupy the same space. In this case, I’ll explain how important just staying alive is.

Here it is in a nutshell. Let’s say you are crap shot, but you can run like hell. If you get up field and hold a key position, the other team can never push beyond your position to attack your team. If you never get shot out, you never give it up. That can be a tree, a pallet, or a makeshift structure. If you hold it, just throw a shot at your opponents occasionally to keep them honest, they will never make their way through your zone to shoot any of your teammates. I’ve witnessed 8 year olds hold off entire teams simply because they didn’t take any unnecessary risks from behind of all things… a tree.

3Make Sure Your Team Has A Plan

This is not a general statement. Here is a specific you should always execute. Have your team split into three running groups. A team runs left side, B team runs center and C team runs Right side. Balance your shooters. Don’t send all your best people to one side. Split them up. Only your best and bravest play the middle. If you have odd numbers, send the least amount to the center. This is how any bunch of misfits can hang with a better team.

2Pick A Bunker to Run To Before the Start of the Game

Running down field in a general direction indiscriminately is like running down field begging to be shot. Know where you are going in life and know where you are going in paintball. Have a stop gap bunker you will stall into if you can’t make your downfield objective.

1Double Bunkering Is For n00bs

The rule is don’t double bunker. Exceptions exist, but you are brand new. Don’t screw this up.

Strange it ends at 21. Get all 30 and those precious top 20 soon.




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