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Paintball Event: Clone Wars (Woodsball Scenario)

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On Target PaintballOn Target Paintball, otherwise known as OTP is known for highly interactive… almost total larping scenario paintball experiences. Clone Wars is no different. Using the Star Wars theme of ‘clone wars’ this event is a two team big team battle. The game producer, Josh Gould promises Clone Wars is a ‘true-to-series’ intense scenario paintball war. This is the sophomore effort of Clone Wars as a winter scenario game. Register Early to save $10.00 on your entry!

HOST: ON Target Paintball
WHEN: Sunday December 2nd 2018
WHERE: Pemberton, New Jersey

Clone Wars takes place annually. Each year it is late November or early December. Be sure to Register Early so you can pick your side!

Orientation: 9:00 am
Game Start: 10:00 am
Lunch Break: 1:00 pm
Game Ends: 4:30/5:00 pm


On Target Paintball presents Clone Wars, our winter scenario and final event for 2018! This game aims to provide a “true-to-series” and intense scenario experience, pinning two Galactic armies against one another other in a fight for dominance over the star systems.

On the distant planet of Geonosis the Clone Wars continue. The Clone Troopers of the Republic’s Grand Army, with the assistance of the Jedi Order, wage their assault on the Separatist’s Battle Droids with the deceitful Sith among them.

Clone Wars will also integrate special role players like Jedi and Sith to the game. Jedi and Sith role players will be limited to 4 players per side, including team’s executive officer. Force role players may use full shields and light-sabers, no markers. Costumes are encouraged.

Game map, rules and detailed schedule to be released shortly. Interested parties should, for command or hero roles, should contact our game master Josh Gould directly and fill out casting form:


– Galactic Republic (w/ Jedi Order):
Commander: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine – TBD
Executive Officer: Jedi General, Obi-Wan Kenobi – TBD
+ 3 Jedis:
1) TBD 2) TBD 3) TBD

– Confederacy of Independent Systems (w/ Sith Lords):
Commander: General Grievous – TBD
Executive Officer: Count Dooku – TBD
+ 3 Sith Lords:
1) TBD 2) TBD 3) TBD

— Bounty Hunters (Neutral Contracted Mercenaries, FSR Players, 10 max):
Commander: Jabba the Hutt – TBD
Jango Fett – TBD
Cad Bane – TBD
Rako Hardeen – TBD
(and more TBD)


$29 “Early Bird” Entry until 10/26/18
$35 Pre-Registration Entry from 10/27/18 – 11/23/18
$45 Online Registration from 11/24/18 – 11/29/18
+$10 For Gun/Mask/Ammo Belt Rental

* Registration Link

* Only Players who Preregister before the “Early Bird” deadline (10/31/17) will receive a Free event-custom soft good from Dyzana Sports

* Preregistration incentives to be announced shortly.

Paint (FPO Event)
$65 Mid Grade
$75 Competition Grade
*Purchase Paint ONLY Day of the Event

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