We Talk to the 3 Female Scenario Paintball Generals of The 100

Paintball Has No Barriers and This Event Proves It Once Again


We Talk To The 3 Female Paintball Generals Leading the utterly original Paintball Scenario Game ‘The 100’

(DL) —The 100 Paintball Scenario Game Features 3 Female Paintball Generals and we talk to them all in this exclusive break down of the event. We even talk to the game producer who is …wait for it. Female. Yes, paintball has no barriers and this event proves it once again.

What’s A Scenario Paintball Game?

Scenario is a big team battle that lasts all day. Battles between two or more teams ranging from less than 100 to into the 1000’s of paintball players. Teams this big generally use the entire complex, shutting down all other gameplay for the day.

Scenarios are all-inclusive. Every type of player plays. Casual first timer, casual weekend rec ball paintballer, milsim enthusiasts, one ball pump players, and yes, even tournament speedball players all play side-by-side. Unlike other forms of paintball, if you are shot out, your game isn’t over. You go re-insert and play until the game ends. Yes, there is a lunch break.

Scenarios are not re-enactments. Events are produced playing off existing video games,  movie genres, books, historical events or any unique concept a game producer can dream up. Teams battle for objectives based around the themes listed previously to keep each event feeling new and fresh. Like Zombies? There are even scenarios those too.

What Is The 100 Scenario?

This scenario leverages the TV Show in concept, even filling the leadership roles of all three paintball teams by women – just like in the TV show.

It’s a different kind of scenario experience! Three teams to start the day, but only two will finish! The 100 features three teams starting the scenario and each clan features a female leader from the paintball community.


We Talk to All the Women

DangerMan first talks to Kristy Barno, who co-owns OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD with her husband Brian Barno. We then speak to each of the three generals in the game which for this scenario are referenced as ‘clan’ leaders in keeping with the show theme the game is produced upon.

Game Producer: Kristy Barno
Field: Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City OXCC.com
Location: Chesapeake City, MD

DangerMan: You co-own OXCC with your husband, but you’ve been the soul game producer for OXCC’s scenarios when produced in-house. With a few of them under your belt, what makes this one an exciting scenario?

Kristy: This one is exciting because it’s my favorite genre and show. We haven’t had a post-apocalyptic event since our first year of ownership.

DangerMan: You’ve produced a few scenarios at OXCC before. This event features women, and —  you too happen to be a woman, what do you think of all this?

Kristy: In the aspect of the game, it makes the game more authentic. Women are the clan leaders of the TV show and they show their strength in grace under pressure.

DangerMan: Of all your scenarios you’ve produced this one feels like it could your most special is that true?

Kristy: This is the first one that falls into my favorite genre and makes the most authentic. I fell in love with TV show and is the basis of my research. There’s a lot you can do with it such as the crazy yellow fog in the show, we can mimic that on the field.

And something else I enjoyed in producing this is the props are very different. The cure for the reapers is an example. The flag stations are redesigned following the show concept. There are no flags in the show, but the flags follow each clan’s icon. We have a lot of flags in the game, but I can’t give that part away before the event begins.

It’s a futuristic thing but the clans are medieval because all technology is lost.

DangerMan: Yeah, how do paintball guns work into all of this with no technology?

Kristy: Skaikru (pronounce sky-crew) was in space and they bring weaponry down to the grounders. They do eventually all end up with guns. This show is now at six seasons and our scenario utilizes an overlap between season one and two.

DangerMan: When did you first decide this would make a great

Kristy: Actually it was my husband who didn’t want to watch the show but once he did, he said this would make a great scenario.

DangerMan: When did you decide you were going to run women clan leaders?

Kristy: Actually we didn’t. It just seemed to work out that way but it seems it was meant to be.

DangerMan: Explain

Kristy: Once we had our first leader, Michelle McGonigle of Skaikru the other two followed right after. In fact, we didn’t initially decide it should be all female. We posted the event and Michelle approached us.

DangerMan: Then what happened?

Kristy: Then we decided we wanted all female clan leaders and the ladies were excited to part of this.

DangerMan: How did you get into game production?

Kristy: It’s actually easy for me. I’m an English teacher and I’m always building props and such for classes. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. This is even more fun because OXCC has the resources for me to be more creative in production.

DangerMan: Tell me about something else you’d done in past scenarios?

Kristy: For Battle of the Bulge I created an actual mock-up of a 1940’s style newspaper cove as part of the digital media ad campaign.

DangerMan: How do think players will respond to female leadership?

Kristy: Paintball has the stigma of macho alpha male behavior. There are some of those on the field, but by and large, there are more level-headed tactical players of both sexes who will find taking orders from a female no different from a male commander.

DangerMan: One thing players love about scenarios are the post-game awards such as MVP and MVT. Do you have anything special for this event?

Kristy: Well we’ve changed all our awards. They used to be paper. This event we are doing banners. MVP, MVT, MOFO, and sportsmanship award. And each clan leader will receive a team banner.

Blue Team

SkaiKru Clan aka Sky People

Clan Leader: Michelle McGonigle
Hometown: Maple Shade, New Jersey

DangerMan: When approached to be a clan leader, what was your reaction?

Michelle: It was an automatic yes. I’m a very assertive person and taking on an assertive role is something I love to do.

DangerMan: Did you get the role you wanted?

Michelle: Yes.

DangerMan: Did you pick?

Michelle: I was the first one, so yeah! I asked to run blue, it matches my gun and my hair. Seems fitting.

DangerMan: What about the character? Was there any draw to that?

Michelle: It was Clark. She’s a very dominant female. She took 100 people from space to unknown territory and just dominated. I’m an alpha so…

DangerMan: What’s your game plan to win this thing?

Michelle: My game plan is to do what I do. I’m very good at being loud, be a front player, giving orders and rally my dogs and where I point my dogs go. They hunt. I always get great teams to back me up. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. A wolf is only strong as its pack.

DangerMan: Is this your first time as general or in this case, a clan leader?

Michelle: No. I was general for the corn maze game at Quickshot. And I was up against my own teammate, Mike “Crash” May.

DangerMan: How did that play out?

Michelle: Originally it was supposed to be two members of 13th Legionnaires as opposing generals. I ended up as a general.

DangerMan: How’s that?

Michelle: Our team captain Joe “Outcast” Perez picked the two generals for the game. Joe made me one of the opposing generals without telling the other general, who was, of course, my fellow team member, Crash.

Joe held off until just before the game. He announced it just before the game started to mess with Crash. On hearing this, some of my players defected to Crash’s team. Basically, the guys they had playing for me didn’t seem to back me up as some left before the game started. So they had me at the beginning of the day.

At lunch, I walked around to all the players on our team. I had very strong words with them.

DangerMan: What were they?

Michelle: Stuff you can’t put in print.

DangerMan: So can we put in print?

Michelle: I made them aware they were playing for me and they were gonna play.

DangerMan: So what happened after lunch?

Michelle: The rest of the day Crash was upset.

DangerMan: Why?

Michelle: I doubled the score.

DangerMan: How will you motivate players at The 100?

Michelle: Many of the teams that are playing for Skycrew have shared the field with me before. They know what the Legionnaires are capable of, and what I’m capable of.

DangerMan: Don’t generals stay back at the base during scenario games?

Michelle: Traditionally yes. Generals stay back and instruct. Not all generals fight from the back.

DangerMan: How will your players get instructions?

Michelle: They will hear me a mile away. I’ll fall back and do what I need to do. So when I see a side falling I’m going to bring it back up.

DangerMan: Any message for the other clan leaders

Michelle: I’m looking forward to this game. I feel the other girls bring a lot to the table but it’s inevitable. Trouble’s coming for you.

Orange Team

Azgeda Clan aka Ice Nation

Clan Leader: Brianne Remy
Hometown: Riverdale, New Jersey

DangerMan: How did you get invited as a clan leader?

Brianne: Brian, the owner of OXCC and Brian from Apex suggested me. Without hesitation I accepted.

DangerMan: Is this your first time as a general?

Brianne: Yes.

DangerMan: Is it intimidating?

Brianne: A little bit, but I have a whole lot of people backing me to show me the way.

DangerMan: Have you been recruiting?

Brianne: Yes, I have and that’s one of the best parts. Meeting people while recruiting and meeting new people, it’s not only good for yourself but it’s good for the game and the other teams.

DangerMan: Do you have any secret weapons?

Brianne: I’d like to think so.

DangerMan: What do you want paintballers who are thinking of coming to the event to know before they come out to this event?

Brianne: This game is special in a few different ways with 3 female generals. I’d encourage people to approach it like any other scenario game. Have fun because at the end of the day we are all there to have fun.

DangerMan: What would you like to say to encourage people to join the Azgeda Clan, aka The Orange Team.

Brianne: Come play for the underdogs. If you want a special win, play for the team that needs you the most.

DangerMan: Have you played at OXCC before?

Brianne: A few times, it’s a great field.

DangerMan: What do you like about it.

Brianne: In comparison to some of the smaller fields I’ve played on, once you get on the field it’s easy to navigate and you can tell which field is separate from another field.

DangerMan: What will you do if you arrive and find out you’ve under-recruited?

Brianne: That’s a great question. And to be quite honest, some people have already been telling me that. I’m learning how to be a general/clan leader. I’m trying to focus on recruiting on a whole. I’m ready to be on the front lines if I have to, but I need to make sure the rest of the team knows what’s going on.

DangerMan: What do you know about the storyline? Have you watched the show?

Brianne: Once I learned about being a clan leader, I’ve begun watching the show at season one and I’m addicted. I’d recommend the show to anybody even if they are not playing.

DangerMan: Do you know the other clan leaders?

Brianne: Not on a super personal level. I know Mandi a little bit. Michelle not so much. They are both great people and I’m looking forward to sharing the field with them.

DangerMan: Are you looking forward to this event?

Brianne: 100 percent. I’m super excited, ever since I was asked to be a clan leader.

DangerMan: What are your thoughts on this being an event that has put three females in commanding positions and ultimate authority?

Brianne: It’s definitely something the paintball community needs. I think more now than ever because there are more women coming into the sport. There’s a stigma attached to women playing paintball in general, the three of us taking these positions will help debunk that, hopefully.

Having three women from different teams will show the paintball community and the world what women can do.

DangerMan: Is there anything you want the other clan leaders to know?

Brianne: Yes. Yes, there is. I’ve only been playing paintball for about 2 1/2 years now. I am the youngest of the three of us. I’m also a full-time college student but I have tricks up my sleeve of nobody and my nickname is Soulless for a reason.

Green Team

TriKru Clan aka Forest People

Clan Leader: Mandi Terrell
Hometown: Felton, Delaware

DangerMan: Same question as the other ladies. How did you become a clan leader?

Mandi: Brian approached me. When Trouble (Michelle McGonigle) realized she was going to be a clan leader she asked Angelic Rage (our team) to back her. But then when Brian Barno the owner of OXCC needed a third clan leader, she 100 percent gave me her blessings to lead a clan against her.

DangerMan: Unlike the other clan leaders, OXCC is your home turf. Think you got an advantage?

Mandi: I think I do have a little bit of an advantage. But Trouble has a great memory and knows the landscape as I do. But I do know the whole field like the back of my hand.

DangerMan: How do you feel about having all women lead?

Mandi: It’s my favorite aspect of this game and gets more women out there. Some women that have never played before are some I’m trying to recruit.

DangerMan: Have you watched the show?

Mandi: I’ve finished the series already. I’m picking up all the hints being dropped by the game producer in Facebook posts and I’m taking advantage of them.

DangerMan: Trouble seems very confident, who do you think your toughest opponent will be?

Mandi: I have to say I do think Trouble will be the toughest opponent. Just because she is such a brawler. I’m not so sure her decision to play will give her an advantage.

DangerMan: So you are not so concerned with Brianna?

Mandi: No, I’m not so concerned with Brianna but that’s based on the show and how it will play out. We will have our own situation to resolve which I don’t expect to be an issue.

DangerMan: What do you think your teams’ advantage over the other two will be?

Mandi: We have a lot of big names and some secret weapons and I have some tricks up my sleeve since this my home field and I think we have the upper hand.

DangerMan: How did you get into paintball?

Mandi: I always wanted to play and back in 2014 I went with a friend to play. I ended up on the team, took a short break but have returned with my kids and we are paintball family. My boyfriend is a captain on my team. We started at the same time.

DangerMan: Where did you first play?

Mandi: I first played at Personal Rush Adventure in Milford, Delaware but it’s closed now.

DangerMan: How do you define your style of play?

Mandi: I have a similar style to Trouble, I’m a brawler and I like to get into the mix and action. Luckily I have a way to be in the action in this event even if I’m not on the field.

DangerMan: What kind of marker do you shoot?

Mandi: Right now I have a Bob Long GSR 2k12.

DangerMan: Why Bob Long?

Mandi: It’s what I was introduced to first, but I’m now dabbling with mechs and a pistol.

DangerMan: How do you think the men are going to play under you?

Mandi: A lot of the guys I’ve recruited know me personally. They know when I’m playing and when I’m serious. I’m respected by every team that has volunteered to play under me and they appreciate playing under me as much as I appreciate them for wanting to play.

DangerMan: Do you expect any knuckleheads at the event who won’t play under a woman’s authority?

Mandi: I think there’s always a few, but I think they know in signing up, they know what they are getting into. Coming into this they know they running under the instruction of women.

DangerMan: What would you do if you ran into someone that wasn’t willing to listen to orders?

Mandi: I would approach them with the authority of being a clan leader and if not they can play under another clan, but they’ll only be under another woman.

DangerMan: What’s the one thing that worries you going into the event?

Mandi: I’m not worried. I have all my ducks in a row.

DangerMan: Is this your first time being a general?

Mandi: Not only is this my first time being a general, it’s Angelic Rage’s first time having a player represented as a general.

DangerMan: How’s the boyfriend taking it?

Mandi: He’s eating it up. He’s recruiting left and right. He’s watched the TV series with me and he’s also reading into the hints the game producers are dropping.

DangerMan: How about your kids?

Mandi: They requested to be there, they want to be there and are 100 percent go mommy! They watch the show too. Our paintball life is our family life. The girls are 6 and 7 and they practice and can’t wait to get on the field one day. They will be running around.

DangerMan: Will they at the general tent?

Mandi: More than likely. Sadie is my youngest and likes to use the radio to help. She uses it often and talks a lot.

DangerMan: You are the last to interview. You’ve seen what the other ladies had to say. What’s your message to Brianne and Michelle?

Mandi: We are going to have drinks before, and we’ll have drinks after. We are all friends.


You can miss some scenarios with so many to choose from. This one is special. Don’t miss The 100 at OXCC. Come out to play under a female commander at OXCC’s The 100 This April 13th, 2019. It’s on a Saturday. Be sure to pre-register for the best discount on various items from paint to registration. You can really save some up-front money.

Pre-Register Now! Don’t you want to play scenario paintball?

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