Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

Learn Paintball and Woodsball Skills Beyond Basic Tips


Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

(DL) — The game of paintball comes in many formats or game types. There are some skills every

Do you want to be one of the best in the game of paintball? You need to learn the essential skills and improve those skills. Remember, woodsball is more complex than

Every skill here is as the title implies — essential. You may argue no one of these four skills are of greater importance. Being forced to choose the least essential of all four, we place sensory skills at the base. Don’t no interpret being last on this list as making it less vital!

Sensory skills in paintball encompass field awareness

Field Awareness | Skill # 1

Sensory skills include field awareness. See DangerMan’s popular YouTube video outlining these skills in detail below. However, if you add some instinct to field awareness you can truly elevate your game and become a lethal paintball master.

When it comes to instinct there is one person who embodies sensory skill — retired professional speedball paintball player, Ollie Lang. Ollie’s ability to run through a speedball course through the center lane kill box or inside the highway (inside lane of the snake) taking out players masterfully in his run is the stuff of legend.

And to think, Ollie became involved in paintball by attending a paintball birthday party. That is a fact.

Prone crawling tactic

Tactical Skill | Skill #2

Have you ever had a day in sports where you played beyond your normal ability? You wish you could always be that good.

Maybe you’ve witnessed times sports teams go on a run, where they play above their ability.

You use tactics. Your team uses strategy. Why mention this? You take tactics with you wherever you go. This is your personal arsenal. They are transferable tools. Above all, use your tactics almost everywhere. A strategy is a plan that uses tactics. In the image below you see a game plan mapped out. DangerMan is explaining to the team unsafe places on the map.

Paintball game planning

On a narrow field, the players are often advised to let the opposing team make the mistake of a hard middle push. This places the opponents in a kill zone. Most paintball parks have narrow fields where both teams may choose to decrease player liability by staying clear of the middle of the field.

It’s a common strategy to keep n00bs out of the middle.

Paintball Field Map Illustration of Middle Zone Liability

Seasoned players know then to rush the outside edge and play out of range of more players. Playing the edge is a tactic. Having the entire team or many on the team perform the tactic is a game strategy. Playing the edge is a tactic often utilized in a game plan. Be sure to build on your tactics and curate a smart in-game strategy for each field or game-type you play.


In paintball, tactical skill is the one skill that can elevate other skills. Tactical skill is the one skill you can make up with if you lack the natural athletic skill or good sensory skill.

Physical deficits often inhibit speed. It’s a great attribute in woodsball as much as it is speedball. If you lack speed it holds you up longer at your present

Yes, this second essential skill in your paintball arsenal must include tactical. First, second, third, wherever it makes your list, it must be in your skillset!

In truth, some players have natural tactical skills. But if you don’t, you can still learn. Yes, it takes time. You build slow. Learning one great tactic and building on it is actually smart for a new player! For instance, playing the edge as a new player is something you can execute for weeks or months until you are ready to play the middle hot zone.

Build a foundation of tactics over your paintball career. Build each one and you won’t need to ask if you have the 4 essential paintball skills it takes to be an advanced woodsball player.

Remember, tactical skills are not the same as strategies. Playing the edge of a paintball field is a personal tactic that can be a team strategy. Perhaps a more exclusive example is learning and adding random pop-outs in a

Callouts | Confirmations & Triggers

Word callouts can also confirm a player is on your team. Establish a trigger to confirm a player is indeed a friendly.

Communication devices such as two-way radios are big in scenario games or any field which allows them. Communication in hand signals is great in scenario games.

Find ways to improve communication on the field. If they started with ten (10) and now have five (5), shouldn’t you know it?  Or if you had five (5) players behind you, but now you have one (1), that too is something you need to know. Information is power and communication will improve your chances of success.

Soup Can!

Shot Skill | Skill #4

Snap shooting better than an opponent can indeed come down to a god-given talent. Even if you are not a natural shooter, you can improve.

Improve As A Shooter Two Ways

Conclusion | Adaptability (Bonus Skill)

There is one more non-essential skill. Adaptability.

This skill hinges on your willingness to read change. Reading dynamic changes is critical if you want to finish every rec ball game you play for the day. Learning quickly from your own failures is another example.

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