7 Most Important Rules In Paintball

Some Rules In Paintball Are More Important Than Others

7 Rules In Paintball

7 Most Important Rules In Paintball

(DL) — Paintball has loads of rules. Some are surprising. There are rules for Speedball. There are different rules for Rec Ball woodsball and hyperball.

Here are some very important rules. Consider them the 7 most important rules in paintball a beginner paintball player better lockdown in memory.

Woods of Paintball

There are very unique rules for all-day scenario paintball events. You may have not realized it but there are many different types of paintball requiring rules for each type. After all, we left out magfed paintball and pump gun paintball, the list can indeed go on.

And yet all of the paintball observes basic rules.


All players must wear a mask. Never take off your mask in game. You will be removed from the game, and the often it ends your day whatever the event.


Paintball guns must share a limited top firing speed. In Rec Ball it is 280 Feet Per Second (fps) or lower.  Note: 280 fps is approximately 160 miles per hour.

You may not change your fps on your marker after it has met compliance in chronograph before games.

3Stop Means Stop

Always stop shooting when the ref blows the horn or announces to stop shooting.

4Only Shoot Paintballs

The only projectile you shoot from a paintball marker is a paintball round.

Broken Paint On Tank
Is This Player Out? This is far more than a nickel amount of paint

5A Nickel Size of Paint

When paintballs bounce. You get to stay. If a paintball hits a branch, breaks open and leaves a nickel size of paint, you are out. That’s just the rules. Spray means you stay, but if the paint is formed and complete to nickel of size, you are out.

6Dead Man Walk

Unless a player has a barrel cover on their marker, calls themselves out, or is called out by a ref, they are a viable live target. Deadman walks are perfectly legal.

7Refs Are God

Refs are God on the field. They have final say as authority.


Rec Ball woodsball, hyperball, and weekend play are no different than milsim, pump, scenario and other woodsball gameplay. Rules are rules and everyone must respect them.

Did we miss any rules? Let us know!

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