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Chris has been playing paintball for over 20 years. Starting in 1995, he cut his teeth played in fields outside of Chicago. Since then, he has moved into the Washington DC area, and plays up and down the Mid-Atlantic. He plays on Team Defiance, a scenario and charity paintball team. He consistently plays in scenario and big games, and has acted as XO in dozens of events and as a Commander at Fulda Gap for NATO. Beyond that, he and his team have raised around $25,000 as of 2019 for Pathfinders for Autism and Red Devils: Horns of Hope Charities. Chris shoots Twister Reflex Autocockers heavily, alternating in a FSC for magfed events. If you're at Southern Maryland Paintball, NR Paintball, OXCC, or Fulda Gap and hear a mechanical cocker absolutely screaming at you, it may be him.