Azodin KP3 Best Beginner Pump Ever?

Taking out the entry level pump market, one sniper at a time!

Azodin KP3 Best Beginner Pump Ever?

(DL) — Azodin KP3 Best Beginner Pump Ever? Now with AutoTrigger!

In the cut-throat world of pump guns, how do you expect a marker to compare to the big names at only half the cost?  Doesn’t it seem for a 700 dollar gun, you would be getting the best pump gun out there?  You’re wrong.  And Azodin is giving the big guys a run for their money.

The KP3 with auto-trigger can potentially turn the entire market on its heels. Everything you would expect from a gun of a higher price range now sits comfortably at the approximately sub 350 range. Putting its main competitor, the Empire Sniper, to shame. The designers took players criticisms, designed a brilliant auto-trigger cam, and made a bullet-proof gun.


The biggest issue that Azodin had to face was the fact that pump players are very particular. We have our guns, and we love our guns. We tend to stick to one pump/company/valve system and that’s that. They needed to come in, disrupt the preconceptions players had of the original KP line, and wow the player base. Players took notice upon the original KP3 release. It has some of the best features such as,

The Original KP3 Featured

  1. A high quality, all aluminum build
  2. Mid-block design (significantly lighter build)
  3. 2 piece barrel with 2 barrel backs (14-inch total length)
  4. The Rock-Steady regulator
  5. Purging On/off ASA
  6. Optional Hitman Mod.
  7. Clamping feed-neck with Thumbscrew.


The newest iteration of the marker has kept its status as the best bang for your buck and improved upon it.

When I was first asked by Azodin to beta test it, I jumped on the opportunity.  I brought it to my home field and let my buddy take it for a spin. He came back into me and just said: “Wow, this thing puts my CCM to shame.” I handed it around to players to test and I got similar reactions, further cementing this guns place in the market as the go-to beginner pump.

I recommend everyone looking into pump paintball, and to purchase this gun as your first. I’m an advocate for building your own pump gun, but the KP3 makes that advice harder and harder to stick to.


Azodin KP3 with Auto-Trigger




Trigger Pull


Pump Stroke











  • Mid-Block design
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • 2 Piece Barrel
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quality of Life features


  • Packaging
  • Weight
  • Trigger pull
  • Lack of Upgrades
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