Battle of the Bulge

 Join DangerMan at this annual woodsball scenario on his home field, Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City Maryland (affectionately known as OXCC).

Battle of the Bulge is a woodsball scenario paintball player’s dream. The weather is just right, not too cold but you can wear layers! The grounds are amazing with great care in landscaping, constant care to new land features and the players utilize the entire complex!

As for the game itself, Battle of the Bulge is based on the World War II event, but like all scenarios – it’s not a re-enactment. There are however plenty of objectives, but if you like to just shoot paint, there are hundreds of opposing players to brawl with! Play the front lines or support your team as a midfielder – play whatever role you are most comfortable with.

OXCC offers plenty of table space with overhead cover, a pro shop, hot food and beverages and more. Because it’s a popular event there are always vendors to sell you gear along with specialty vendors like Exalt who often come with a gun tech to help players in need.

Did we mention prizes? OXCC sells raffle tickets for paintball gear and often a big screen TV! See their website for details and clarification.

When does it all take place?  It happens every December. Early. Airsoft players play Saturday and the paintball players play Sunday. Come out and play with hundreds of players from up and down the East Coast as far away as Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and of course DangerMan’s home state of Delaware and Maryland.