Take What The Other Team Gives

Be Aggressive Off The Break And Win The Game Of Angles

Beginner Rec Ball Paintball Tip – Take What The Other Team Gives

(DL) — This paintball tip is simple, yet genius. It may be the best beginner woodsball tip you learn. You need to win the paintball angles off the break. One way to accomplish that is to take everything off the break that your opposing paintball team gives you.

Give? Are you asking why an opponent would give you anything, and in what context do we mean to give?

If the other team breaks from the start and decides to bunker down not far from their starting position they have left you with open field. You need to take it. We are talking about taking field that is given.

Take What The Other Team Gives

Often opposing teams will have some knucklehead who advises their team to all take up a defense as soon as the horn sounds.

Big mistake.

Another example is a team may not be very aggressive. They may not take the field very quick enough. They often do make this mistake out of concern of risk. Here again, they take a bunker relatively close to their starting point.

You take, what they give.

How do you do this consistently over time without having to instruct your team? It is easy. It should be understood from the very first game of the by everyone on your team. At every break, every player blasts downfield and your full team pushes a balanced line forward. Keep going as a full unit until they feel paint coming at them. Now bunker down.

The team goal is always to reach your 40, at a minimum. Now you know what to do if the opposing team leaves you with the unchallenged territory. Take it. They have less operating space, you control the angles. The odds are now in your favor.

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