Paintball Impact on a 1 to 10 Scale

Just how much do paintballs hurt? This scale from 1 to 10 gives you a good idea from an itch to unbearable pain.
Paintball player caught in paintball firefight. Do Paintballs Hurt?

Do Paintballs Hurt?

How much does a paintball hurt when shot? There are four factors that impact how much a paintball hurts. Learn what you can do to protect yourself in every paintball game type from the pain of being hit by a paintball.
Chris Fosnacht's Build Your Autococker Guide

So You Want to Build an Autococker | The Ultimate Cocker Building Guide

Making your own paintball gun is half the joy in owning an Autococker. Our guide will help you build your own Autococker, a dream come true paintball gun.
Planet Eclipse Mech Paintball Gun M170R Product Review

Planet Eclipse GTEK M170R Paintball Gun Review: The Best Mechanical Among Electros

The versatility of Planet Eclipse's m170r is spot-on. It can take abuse while being gentle on paint.
How to play paintball for the first time

How To Play Paintball For the First Time

We don't waste time with tips and advice. These are instructions on what to do your first time at paintball.
Dye Paintball's Flex Barrel Cover

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Barrel covers are the last bastion of innovation in paintball. Dye Paintball has created something everyone wants. Was it really this simple?

The Scenario Paintball Guide of 2019

A beginners guide to Scenario Paintball and how to prepare for your first event of the year.

Three Rivers Paintball’s Black Hawk Down Woodsball Scenario Game Review

Bottom line. Any woodsball scenario paintball event you see with Mission Masters name attached to it will be a sure hit. Need the facts to back this up? Good, we got em. Read on.

Dye DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Marker & Woodsball Paintball Gun

The Dye Paintball DSR is the brainchild of Billy Wing. It is a working man's tournament gun. This paintball marker defies the midlevel price point performing as a top-level tournament gun you can take into the woods for maximum efficiency with low maintenance, easy maintenance and a whole lot more. DangerMan's review is based on over a year of constant steady use, not an out of the box review. This is a true paintball gun review you can rely on.
Fulda Gap Paintball Scenario General - Mikel

1 v 1 Interview Archangel Mikel the Warsaw Fulda Gap General

Writer Paintball Player Chris Fosnacht talks to the Warsaw general of the Paintball Scenario Fulda Gap held annually in Taylorsville North Carolina. If you plan to attend this major woodsball scenario, you'll get great answers here with links to other important event services to what is regarded as a true 5 Star paintball experience.