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How To Play Paintball

Do you need beginner paintball help? DangerMan has the largest inventory of beginner paintball tips and tactics anywhere! From written articles to videos on tactics and tips to full on strategy in big team paintball battles, you can’t go wrong with his woodsball advice. No other paintballer has assembled as much paintball knowledge in one place!

General Perez with his officers in a command meeting by Inspire Photography

Scenario Generals: Warlords Versus Commanders

Scenario Generals: Warlords vs. Commanders (DL) — If you play many scenarios, you've probably run into the two major types of Paintball Generals: the Commanders...
5 XO Dont's In Scenario Woodsball

Top 5 Do’s of Being a Scenario XO

Enhance your skills with this list for the "Top 5 Do's of Being a Scenario XO" and achieve more victories when you adapt it to your normal playstyle

How Much Does It Cost To Play Paintball?

First-time paintballers want to know the real cost of paintball. When you first start, you pay for rental and paint. All inclusive to a degree - your package includes 'some' paint. But in truth you'll need to spend a little more. We break it down hard. Get the true average prices to play a FULL DAY of paintball. We even take you beyond cost when you are done renting.

Paintball Impact on a 1 to 10 Scale

Just how much do paintballs hurt? This scale from 1 to 10 gives you a good idea from an itch to unbearable pain.
Paintball player caught in paintball firefight. Do Paintballs Hurt?

Do Paintballs Hurt?

How much does a paintball hurt when shot? There are four factors that impact how much a paintball hurts. Learn what you can do to protect yourself in every paintball game type from the pain of being hit by a paintball.

Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player?

Do You Have The 4 Essential Paintball Skills to Be an Advanced Woodsball Player? Author of the Paintball Bible, DangerMan offers his many years of expert gameplay and advanced tactical know how to not only give you 4 critical tips, he explains how to execute them.
How to play paintball for the first time

How To Play Paintball For the First Time

We don't waste time with tips and advice. These are instructions on what to do your first time at paintball.
Learn about the paintball run through in this short detailed break down

Paintball Run Through Explained

A run through in paintball is a strategic move pulled primarily in speedball but just as effective in woodsball.

The Scenario Paintball Guide of 2019

A beginners guide to Scenario Paintball and how to prepare for your first event of the year.

A Quick Guide to Fulda Gap

Fulda Gap draws thousands of global woodsball paintball players annually in November to Command Decisions in Taylorsville North Carolina. You can camp or stay at a nearby hotel. Parking is organized as much as the teams are by their generals. Don't leave anything to chance, this article is the best guide.

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