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How To Play Paintball

Do you need beginner paintball help? DangerMan has the largest inventory of beginner paintball tips and tactics anywhere! From written articles to videos on tactics and tips to full on strategy in big team paintball battles, you can’t go wrong with his woodsball advice. No other paintballer has assembled as much paintball knowledge in one place!

What is A Scenario Paintball Game?

What Is A Scenario Paintball Game? Summing up a scenario paintball game in one sentence is impossible. Try this explanation. Scenario is a massive objective...
Quick Tips

Quick Paintball Tips

DangerMan's Assembled Quick Paintball Tips   (DM)  — Pressed for time or just like to watch short videos? DangerMan's Quick Tip videos are generally 2 minutes...
10 Things You Don't Do In Paintball

10 Things In Paintball You Don’t Do

10 Essential Paintball No No's (DL)  —  Are you new to paintball or have a friend that needs vital help learning paintball? There are some...

If Paintball Hits You and Breaks But Leaves No Paint Are You Out?

If Paintball Hits You and Breaks But Leaves No Paint Are You Out? It's important to discern the difference between a bounce and a break...

Quick Paintball Tip – Don’t Double Bunker

Quick Paintball Tip - Double Bunkering Explained Did you know many paintball players now playing speedball learned the ropes on this video? If you are new...

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide (DL) — Most beginners play paintball in the woods where there is no paintball guide to help you. Now there is. Did you...

Outsmart A Flank In Paintball

Don't Get Flanked Outsmart A Flank (DL) — Here are some badass last man tactics for paintball. When To Shoot isn't always when you think. Gain an...
Woodsball World Cup Champion - Lars Hindsley aka DangerMan

How to Hold A Paintball Gun – Part One

The Science & Art of Holding a Speedball and Woodsball By Lars Hindsley — DangerMan What is wrong with this gun hold? Can you tell? If not, you...

Leading A Woodsball Paintball Team

Leading A Woodsball Paintball Team Doesn't Require A Captain (DM) — Established players know a lot. They share a lot. But leading a bunch of woodsball...

DangerMan’s Lair Podcast with Greg Hastings

The DangerMan Podcast with Greg Hastings. Our First Guest! (DL) - The DangerMan Media network will be launching a new DangerMan podcast. It's called... DangerMan's Lair. ...