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Sometimes it’s easier to digest learning in the written form. Of course just about every paintball article is supplemented with a paintball video. DangerMan’s articles cover woodsball and Rec Ball paintball tips, tactics and strategies. You will also find gear reviews, scenario game reviews, and interviews with prominent paintball personalities.

The First Time Paintball Player’s Ultimate Guide

From the moment you park your car through all the questions during games, we cover it all. Even how to pay less for paintballs.

Hits and Elimination are the Different Ways You Can Be Out In Paintball

Hits and Elimination are the Different Ways You Can Be Out In Paintball (DL) — Let's go beyond the question of what determines a hit...

DangerMan’s Lair Podcast with Greg Hastings

The DangerMan Podcast with Greg Hastings. Our First Guest! (DL) - The DangerMan Media network will be launching a new DangerMan podcast. It's called... DangerMan's Lair. ...
10 Things You Don't Do In Paintball

10 Things In Paintball You Don’t Do

10 Essential Paintball No No's (DL) — Are you new to paintball or have a friend that needs vital help learning paintball? There are some...
Woodsball World Cup Champion - Lars Hindsley aka DangerMan

How to Hold A Paintball Gun – Part One

The Science & Art of Holding a Speedball and Woodsball By Lars Hindsley — DangerMan What is wrong with this gun hold? Can you tell? If not, you...

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide

Woodsball needs a guide for beginners and this is it. All the age-old questions are answered such as how to use trees properly for cover.

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