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Paintball Questions

Here we answer unique one-off paintball questions. No extra conversation. Just the question, and the answer.

What is A Scenario Paintball Game?

When you play recball every week at your local paintball field but you don't want to join a speedball team what do you do? The answer to every woodsball player's desire is in scenario paintball. All day paintball with hundreds of opponents to shoot at and no long breaks wasting your day. Dive in.

What Is Tagging In Paintball?

What Is Tagging In Paintball? (DL) — What Is Tagging In Paintball? Seems tagging is a rite of passage in paintball. You only need a...
What Are The Rules to Winning a Paintball Game?

Defining A Win In Paintball

What Defines A Win In Paintball? What is paintball? And just how does anyone achieve a win? Since paintball's beginning, there have been two ways...

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