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Thursday, January 28, 2021
Paintball affected by COVID-19

Coronavirus Paintball Updates | Bans | Cancellations | Postponed | Field Closings

Database list of fields, events, and leagues affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The list includes bans, closings, cancellations, and postponements.

Paintball Answers the Call During COVID-19

Paintball has partnered with the American Red Cross and America's Blood Centers to build awareness you can still give blood during the pandemic. Learn how.

We Talk to the 3 Female Scenario Paintball Generals of The 100

We Talk To The 3 Female Paintball Generals Leading the utterly original Paintball Scenario Game 'The 100' (DL) —The 100 Paintball Scenario Game Features 3 Female Paintball...
Dye Paintball's Flex Barrel Cover

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Barrel covers are the last bastion of innovation in paintball. Dye Paintball has created something everyone wants. Was it really this simple?

DangerMan In 2019 Paintball

Plans For Big Year in Paintball (DL) — 2019 introduces a new push for the DangerMan brand. For almost ten years it's been here for...
Is Paintball Surviving or Thriving One Year After COVID?

Has COVID-19 Been Good Or Bad For Paintball?

Some industries have actually benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Is paintball one of them?
Brian Posehn and Ron Funches Support Paintball Fundraiser

Celebrities Support Paintball Fundraiser

Paintball Fundraiser Gets Support from Comedian Ron Funches, Deadpool Writer Brian Posehn and Other Celebrities (DL) - A host of celebrities outside and inside paintball...

DangerMan’s Lair Podcast with Greg Hastings

The DangerMan Podcast with Greg Hastings. Our First Guest! (DL) - The DangerMan Media network will be launching a new DangerMan podcast. It's called... DangerMan's Lair. ...

Greg Hastings Podcast with DangerMan

Greg Hastings Podcast with DangerMan (DL) — New to DangerMan's Lair are Podcasts, part of the DangerMan Media Network. While not every podcast is dedicated to...

DangerMan's Legion