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If it’s about paintball and it isn’t an HOW TO PLAY PAINTBALL article. It will be here in our features department!

Women In Paintball Podcast

Podcast Paintball Talk with Adriana Andreko

Podcast Paintball Talk with Adriana Andreko (DL) — Our second podcast of the season is up. In two parts, we talk to Adriana Andreko about...
Dye Paintball's Flex Barrel Cover

Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Barrel covers are the last bastion of innovation in paintball. Dye Paintball has created something everyone wants. Was it really this simple?

The Must Have Tipx Upgrade

This article reviews an upgrade for the Tipx Paintball Pistol. It goes over what the item is as well as its uses. I discuss the price and other features of the item.

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