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If it’s about paintball and it isn’t an HOW TO PLAY PAINTBALL article. It will be here in our features department!

Jim Fost Nato General Fulda Gap Paintball Scenario

1 v 1 Interview with Jim Rost, Fulda Gap NATO General

Writer Paintball Player Chris Fosnacht talks to the Nato general of the Paintball Scenario Fulda Gap held annually in Taylorsville North Carolina. If you plan to attend this major woodsball scenario, you'll get great answers here with links to other important event services to what is regarded as a true 5 Star paintball experience.
11 Reasons for Women To Play Paintball

11 Reasons For Woman To Play Paintball

11 Reasons For Woman To Play Paintball (DL) — I know, I know as unconventional as it sounds, woman playing paintball is a BIGGER thing...
Grit Padded Paintball Bra Review

Does the Social Paintball ‘Grit’ Sports Bra Take Care of the Ladies?

There is a lot of room for negative opinion but there are some positives. First, the material is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.
Beginner Paintball Advice from Dan Andreko

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019 (DL) — Every new paintball season new players look to begin their paintball collection. Look no...
Bea Youngs Paxson

Bea Youngs Paxson Joins DangerMan’s Lair Writing Team

Bea Youngs Paxson Joins DangerMan's Lair Writing Team (DL) — February 27, 2019 DangerMan's Lair proudly welcomes Destiny paintball team founder and legendary paintball player personality...
Primer for Paintball Pump Guns

MVP vs CCM vs Autococker Pump – I’m Looking For Some High-End Help

(DL) — Imagine you've been looking all around the internet, trying to find information about a high-end pump gun. You've seen articles and maybe even...

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