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Our experts share experiences on paintball gun ownership, to how to fix paintball markers and more.

If you want to get under the hood of what you own or just want to learn to understand the why’s and how’s of paintball this department is for you.

We even cover the history of the paintball gear we discuss

Beginner Paintball Advice from Dan Andreko

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019 (DL) — Every new paintball season new players look to begin their paintball collection. Look no...
Mechanical Markers Make A Comeback

The Definitive Mechanical Paintball Guide 2019

The Definitive Mechanical Paintball Guide 2019 (DL) — Mechanical or Classic Paintball; once considered a decade ago lost in the woods on any given Rec...
The Nemesis Front Block

TipX Finally Shoots First Strike With The Nemesis Barrel

The Nemesis Barrel & TipX Finally Shoot First Strike Together Thanks to Paintball Tactical Mods (DL) – If you have a TipX and a Nemesis...
Primer for Paintball Pump Guns

MVP vs CCM vs Autococker Pump – I’m Looking For Some High-End Help

(DL) — Imagine you've been looking all around the internet, trying to find information about a high-end pump gun. You've seen articles and maybe even...

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