Paintball Prodigy – Win A Paintball Mask!

Paintball Prodigy – Win A Paintball Mask!

Paintball Prodigy© is an ongoing contest held by DangerMan, partnered with Dye Precision. The contest rules:


Offer an idea of a HOW TO play paintball video for woodsball by email to

If DangerMan has not already heard your idea from someone else and have it in his bank of projects, or have already banked that idea, you idea is eligible to win the Dye Axis Pro.

If DangerMan uses your idea to make a paintball video, you win!

This is a while supplies last contest. When all Dye Axis Pro masks have been given away, this contest will end.

Send your idea in concise simple to understand print to DangerMan’s listed email. Good luck!

Don’t you want to win a paintball mask?