Team Buddies





TEAM BUDDIES  – Contest Rules

Team Buddies is an ongoing contest held by DangerMan, partnered with Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City (OXCC). Between each Big Team Scenario Produced by OXCC you can accumulate entries to win this contest.


2 Entries (Valued at approximately ($29 to $39 per entry)

2 Cases of Prestige paint (One per entered player) Which may only be claimed and used at the corresponding event. (Valued at $60 per case)


You do need an Instagram or Twitter account to participate.

From entries made up to deadline, DangerMan will draw a random entry as winner. Improve your odds by increasing your entries. An Entry is established as follows:

Get a friend to follow @DangerManXX on Twitter and Retweet a tweet of his adding your Twitter name sent them.

Example: @(YourTwitterName) sent me!

Entry Definition: A new DangerManXX follower on Twitter or Instagram which also results in the referred follower Retweeting a DangerManXX tweet with: @(ReferersTwitterName) sent me!


A new DangerManXX follower on Instagram which also results in the referred follower commenting in a DangerManXX post with: @(ReferersInstagramName) sent me!

Each new follower of DangerManXX counts as an entry, but ONLY if that new follower Retweets a DangerMan tweet with the following text: @(YourTwitterName) sent me!  In the case of a new Instagram follower, that referred follower must comment on a DangerManXX post with (YourInstagramUsername) sent me!

A random winner will be drawn approximately one month before the event. Prize is NON-transferable. At least ONE player  must attend to claim prize. If only one player attends, that player may only claim their part of the prize which is one entry and one case of Prestige paint.  Be advised, this contest promotion applies to OXCC produced games only. Games produced by outside organizations held at OXCC do not apply.

Winner will be posted by Tweet and at