Plans For Big Year in Paintball

(DL) — 2019 introduces a new push for the DangerMan brand. For almost ten years it’s been here for new players as a tool to ramp up skills quick. It’s been a means of showing new players the game is not exclusive. Instead the DangerMan channel on YouTube proved how accessible paintball really is. Always keeping it fun, the unique perspective of DangerMan teaches new players how to play paintball.

Where Does It Go From Here?

It’s time to make use of the brand on a grander scale. It’s a fun brand that has been controversial in nature. It’s also been vital to the growth of the paintball industry. Combining these elements has always been useful to everyone.

To begin, the DangerMan’s Lair website has been resurfaced and restructured to serve the community better. Read more in the How To Use DangerMan’s Lair Website in the About section. But in a nutshell, it’s now filled with organized content which still places the beginner paintballer above all others in importance.

The DangerMan’s Lair website is your best resource for staying on top of News, Events, Contests, Prizes and of course resource materials in honing your skills in paintball. Let’s cover the road map for 2019.

January through March 2019

EVENTS — Scheduling event attendance in 2019. A full event section featuring each event in great detail will be functional by middle February 2019. It will be a great way to not only see where DangerMan will be, but to learn about each event with solid vital stats including contact and sign up links.

FEBRUARY —  Paintball Extravaganza. Look for a “LIVE” walk-through broadcast the day of the event! Be sure to subscribe to push notifications at DangerMan’s Lair to be advised when we broadcast at various times live from the event.

MARCHPaint for Awareness, March 23, 2019.

PODCASTS — The DangerMan’s Lair podcast has launched. They are half hour interviews and solo features. Topics will follow the theme of active experiences. DangerMan’s Lair Featured our first guest, Greg Hastings. While the podcast is not dedicated to paintball, it will feature a good number of paintball players. If you know of someone worth being featured, contact the Managing Editor of DangerMan’s Lair, Lars Hindsley, a.k.a. DangerMan.

REVIEWS —  Ready to review your gear? Got some good communication skills in writing? Contact us. This area of the site just launched. Simple to read with standardized grading for a consistent experience across all the reviews regardless of who wrote it. You can even click through to buy gear you want through the manufactures or preferred trusted vendors.

April through June 2019

These are big months in paintball for scenario game play. There are a choice number of events to be played. Look for more specifics in future updates. Ultimately the EVENTS section of the DangeMan’s Lair website will be your ideal goto.

APRIL   The 100, April 13, 2019

MAY  Big Announcement from DangerMan

July through December 2019

From ION in July to Living Dead in August some huge scenario events are in store. Don’t miss the EVENT calendar for specifics.




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