november, 2019

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novAll DaynovFulda Gap Annual Woodsball ScenarioRanks as one of the best if not the best scenario event for woodsball paintballers.Events:Events,Scenario

Event Details

Fulda Gap Annual Woodsball Scenario

Few big games can hold up to the woodsball paintball experience that is Fulda Gap. Fulda Gap takes place at Command Decisions Wargames Center (CDWC), a 70-acre paintball field. The fields have just about everything you can ask for as a woodsball or scenario player. You’ll experience open spaces which are great for First Strike shooters. Tanks will be right at home too.

Warsaw coming for Sim City by Steven C Price Photography
Warsaw coming for Sim City                             Photo Credit:  Steven C Price Photography

You’ll be hopping from bunker-to-bunker or building-to-building-to-firebase to stay clear of both long-range snipers and tanks! CDWC has firebases set deep in the woods, including dug-in trenches.

Event Pricing

EARLY BIRD EVENT REGISTRATION ONLINE June 1st, 2019 until July 15, 2018: $50.00 per player


PRE-REGISTER ONLINE FROM July 16th, 2019 until midnight on October 26, 2019$65.00 per player



Wait until the field opens on November 1, 2019, and shell out more money to play (while taking your chances that your unit and/or SIDE is full and closed: $85.00 per player

Due to the size of this game, you MUST be pre-registered on or before October 26th to get the pre-registration rate. REGISTRATION FOR THIS GAME will open after midnight on June 1. Get to the registration portals connected to your units (NATO or WARSAW) to register EARLY to beat the unit and side caps! Once units are capped out (FULL), players will not be able to register for them. Have your second preference in mind before you get registered.

The best rule of thumb – if you are a team, register at the SAME time so you are guaranteed a spot with your teammates. Another rule of thumb…REGISTER EARLY! Walk on registration is ASSIGNED to units (or sides) needing players, not by player preference.

Registration includes all weekend long air supplies, entrance into numerous prize drawings, and field fees for the entire weekend. Camping is limited AND primitive, BUT free. NO HIDDEN COSTS.

Read the Fulda Gap Prep Guide to avoid problems running up to the event.
Read the Fulda Gap Prep Guide to avoid problems running up to the event.


This is a field paint only event. 

Between June 1 and July 15, 2019, players who pre-register online have the ability to pre-purchase their first 5 cases of paint at an early bird discount. 2000 rounds of Field grade for $50 per case, Mid-grade for $60 per case, and First Strikes at $85.00 per case of 250.

Between July 16 and October 26, 2019, players who pre-register online have the ability to pre-purchase their cases of paint at Field grade for $55 per case, Mid-grade for $65 per case, and First Strikes at $90.00 per case of 250. The advantage of prepaid paint is that it saves you time at check-in as your paint ticket is in your player packet.

On the game weekend, the paint will be priced as follows: Field grade for $60 per case, Mid-grade for $70 per case, and First Strikes at $95.00 per case of 250.

If teams would like to make a bulk purchase, please contact us at and we may be able to work larger bulk purchases at a discount (50 or more cases). Ask for the 2019 Fulda Gap Bulk Paint Discount program. Bulk paint discounts only available 30 days prior to the event.

​For 2019, we have re-ordered the same AWESOME VALKEN paint that we had for the past 5 years. This paint will have a special winter fill just in case we have frosty nights as we have had for the past four years. We will also have some custom First Strike fills for this game as well. We keep our paint prices fair and extremely reasonable! Once again, we have also selected a special fill color for this game.

We have also ordered a special SHELL COLOR and we will be spot-checking hoppers and pods. Anyone shooting off color paint will be ESCORTED FROM THE FIELD. Hits of any fill color other than the game designated color will not count a hit player out and to reiterate – those shooting OFF COLOR SHELL AND FILL will be escorted to the store to purchase the correct event paint.

Saturday Game will start promptly at 10:00 and end at 5:00, night game will begin at 8:00 and end at 10:00. Sunday game will begin at 9:00 and will end at 2:00. See SCHEDULE for more details.

Door prizes and awards will be held at 3:00 pm on Sunday

In 3, 2, Steven C Price Photography
In 3, 2, 1….                              Photo Credit: Steven C Price Photography

The field will open from 12:00 Noon until 6 pm on Thursday for players to pick up registration materials. Walk on players are welcome to get in the game anytime from noon to 6 pm on Thursday. See the schedule for additional dates and times when players can pick up their event packets.

We have multiple food vendors for this event – be sure to bring extra cash for purchasing direct from vendors. We do not have an ATM on the premises, nor do we do “cash back” through our store. There is an ATM located at the Exxon station near our field (2-minute drive, 5-minute walk).

Should you have any questions regarding the game or registration – please call us at (828) 495-4155 or email at

ATTENTION: A new waiver will be necessary for this event even if you have played another scenario at our field in 2018. Print the waiver (download from fill it out, and then present it at the check-in/registration building for a speedier check-in process (along with your receipt and safety briefing test scores).

Competing Team Objectives for Fulda Gap Scenario


The Warsaw Pact will be the aggressor and will prompt the attack on the West. The main objective is to seize all possible territory directly West of Fulda Gap to the Rhine River, cutting NATO forces in half to the North and to the South. Next, destroy all remaining NATO forces and capture the West German city of Frankfurt. Post advance options include a nuclear exchange with the West, an agreed upon cease-fire, or the unconditional surrender of Western Forces.


NATO does not wish to start WWIII in the European Theater because it is outnumbered 1.5 to 1 in almost all areas along the West / East German border and in many places, especially in regards to tanks, 3 to 1. If a Soviet-led offensive should take place, NATO will hold off the advance to the Rhine River at all costs. If the Soviets push past the Rhine River, Western influence and its ideals will be lost to Communism in the whole of Europe. Because NATO is so outnumbered, they have relied heavily on the threat of the use of tactical nuclear weapons. 

In case of an attack, NATO would advance across the Fulda Plain to stall the Soviet advance using conventional forces, do not allow the Soviets to cross the Rhine River, try to push the Soviets back into East Germany and sue for a cease-fire before a nuclear exchange occurs. The worst-case victory will come through the use of nuclear weapons, but the use of tactical nuclear weapons could lead to a full-scale, worldwide nuclear exchange between NATO and WARSAW PACT nations.



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Command Decisions Paintball

84 Reganswood Drive

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