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Helpful Paintball Articles

The Scenario Paintball Guide of 2019

A beginners guide to Scenario Paintball and how to prepare for your first event of the year.

The First Time Paintball Player’s Ultimate Guide

From the moment you park your car through all the questions during games, we cover it all. Even how to pay less for paintballs.

Hits and Elimination are the Different Ways You Can Be Out In Paintball

Hits and Elimination are the Different Ways You Can Be Out In Paintball (DL) — Let's go beyond the question of what determines a hit in paintball. Let's explore further because you don't need to be shot out to be eliminated in paintball. There are various other ways to get out in paintball.  Before we get to the other forms of elimination in paintball, let's first break down the primary interest of being shot out in paintball. A Hit is the Primary Way You Get Out In Paintball This seems simple of...

DangerMan’s Lair Podcast with Greg Hastings

The DangerMan Podcast with Greg Hastings. Our First Guest! (DL) - The DangerMan Media network will be launching a new DangerMan podcast. It's called... DangerMan's Lair.  It's not a podcast exclusive to paintball only. Here's our direct link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/dangermanslair/Compressed-Season-1-Episode-1.mp3 The name you suggest should go BEYOND PAINTBALL.  Think active life, or entertaining instruction, but not just paintball. What would you name it? Leave a comment and if your name is selected, DangerMan will be sending you a new Dye Axis Pro Mask! Leave your podcast name in comments below.  Good luck!
10 Things You Don't Do In Paintball

10 Things In Paintball You Don’t Do

10 Essential Paintball No No's (DL) — Are you new to paintball or have a friend that needs vital help learning paintball? There are some things you just do in paintball and we have a solid 10 of them for you to remember as a beginner paintball player. We don't say ten things you never do in paintball. Never is an extreme and there are often exceptions to rules. For almost 20 years DangerMan has been assisting new players to ramp up and become established players quickly. Some of the best players...
Woodsball World Cup Champion - Lars Hindsley aka DangerMan

How to Hold A Paintball Gun – Part One

The Science & Art of Holding a Speedball and Woodsball By Lars Hindsley — DangerMan What is wrong with this gun hold? Can you tell? If not, you may want to read this article explaining the proper way to hold a paintball gun. ADAPTING SPEEDBALL METHODS BACK TO WOODSBALL Paintball began in the woods but it is safe to argue that it has been perfected through speedball. Speedball is played on a flat arena that is shorter than a football field and much more narrow. Ultimately, speedball requires precise efficiency. A byproduct of speedball’s need...

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide

Woodsball needs a guide for beginners and this is it. All the age-old questions are answered such as how to use trees properly for cover.
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