Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands

Shooting From Your Weak Hand Takes Time and Here Is How You Do It


Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands

(DL) — Here is a great quick tip! Can you shoot switch? It’s not easy to learn how to shoot switch without some fundamentals covered. There is no doubt few have the natural ability to shoot switch from both hands. Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands

Do you want to learn or improve shooting switch from both hands? Do this at home. First time out, take your paintball gun apart. Not completely of course. Only use the main body. This means leave your loader, tank and barrel off. You only need the main grip and manifold. Later you’ll practice with the full rig. For now, just the manifold.

Hand your gun to yourself on plane.

Now you are ready. Carry your gun grip around the house in your weak hand.

Dominant, weak… what does that mean?  Right-handed? Carry your gun grip in the left hand. Keep it there.

Now you have the secret. Of course, there is more to this drill, but that is the simplest part of becoming proficient with your weak-hand. It’s often forgotten once the rest of this drill is learned.

So as we continue, don’t lose sight of the vital element mentioned above. Walk around with your paintball marker in your weak-hand. It’s actually hard initially because you will naturally want it back in your dominant hand. In time when that urge and habit is broken, you’ll know you’ve made progress.

As you are relaxing on the couch or sitting in bed, just exchange your gun grip back and forth between hands. You should also be passing your gun to yourself ‘on plane’.  Exchanging hands over-and-over in your free time is your foundation. This foundation will later do more for your shot. It’s that simple. Need some help? See the illustration below.

Shooting Switch
The switch transition

In short, to shoot switch you’re just passing your gun to yourself. As you exchange your gun from hand-to-hand keep it on plane. That’s a critical key especially if you use a stubby like DangerMan.

What is your big takeaway in this tip? Perhaps you keyed in on exchanging your gun on plane. Good!  But the vital takeaway in this woodball paintball tip is to carry your marker in your weak hand as often as possible.

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