MVP vs CCM vs Autococker Pump – I’m Looking For Some High-End Help

High-end pump guns aren't all the same...

Primer for Paintball Pump Guns

(DL) — Imagine you’ve been looking all around the internet, trying to find information about a high-end pump gun. You’ve seen articles and maybe even videos about Field One | Bob Long’s revolutionary pump; the MVP.

Then you find the company CCM, who makes some of the lightest and most popular guns and upgrade parts in the industry. Not quite satisfied with those results, You come across images of Inception Designs pump guns. Based upon the legendary Autococker platform with modern improvements.

Bob Long MVP – The MARQ (most) Victory (valuable) Pump

A beautiful purple MVP

Let’s take a look at the MVP first. It debuted right around 2012 and took the community by storm. No one had ever seen a pump gun so over-engineered. From the use of ball bearings to tighten the tolerances, to the use of Bob’s MARQ poppet engine  it as a result made everything else look obsolete.

It’s not to say the marker came perfect out of the box.

The MARQ had its own issues with people not enjoying the “farting” (when the hammer bounces against the valve) sound it made. Or when players had issues short-stroking the auto-trigger (when the ball doesn’t feed into the breach when the marker is cocked.) With those issues being dealt with in separate fixes, it solidified a player base that had fallen in love with the gun and its obscure look.

A blow-up of the internal workings of an MVP

Most modern pump guns have a vertical air-source adapter with a regulator which gives the player something to hold. The MVP took a trip to yester-year in its styling to the Tippmann sl68-II as well as many others.

Now while it seems I view the MVP as the lowest quality pump in this article, It surely isn’t.

When I said the MVP was over-engineered, I meant it. Bob thought so far out of the box, that he let the little things in its release go by the wayside. I have no doubt in my mind that he wanted to release this gun and just ran full force on the installation of parts without checking tolerances.


My MVP has become my favorite and my go to marker and its feel over a stacked tube is coveted for a reason.

CCM — The Standard In High Quality Pumps

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. I couldn’t agree more in this next category. CCM took to taking the Sniper platform and making a better product and as a result, created their own identity.

Using the Autococker platform made popular in the 90’s and all the advancements it made as well as all its shortcomings. They created lighter, smoother, more ergonomically designed parts for WorrGameProducts markers.

a CCM T2 with matching barrel kit and other accessories

CCM came to realize their place in the market. They focused on pump guns while branching back subtly into the Autococker parts scene.

CCM’s pump guns are known for the smooth, almost effortless, pump stroke. The bulletproof reliability of the Stacked-tube poppet design lend itself beautifully to what players want. If it’s as a last resort, or to play all day with no issue, CCM covers that. I, myself, will give out my CCM knowing it won’t give an issue.

You, the player, can mix and match a variety of parts to create whatever gun you want!

The Sniper | Stripping Down Autocockers For Years

When you think of the Autococker, you think of the old guys at your field running around with weird sounding guns that have a device moving backward and sometimes slapping them in the face.

Guess what. It’s a legend.

Inception Autococker

Most pump products are built to make that product better. CCM, Inception Designs, Niche, Sanchez Machine. They all looked at the sniper and said “Wow, I can make that better!” It’s kind of lead to this weird arms race (heh, pump arm) as to which product can impress the players more.

From just about each of those companies designing their own valve, pump arm, trigger frames, and bodies, you, the player, can mix and match a variety of parts to create whatever gun you want!

A WGP Orracle body with some Inception Designs upgrades

The Sniper has become a pinnacle if you will for pump players. You essentially build your own dream weapon for battle.  When I was building out mine, I took all the parts I could afford in front of me and decided what I wanted to do. It gave me a clear idea of the general direction and how to get there as well as comparable parts if I decided to go that way.


You can’t go wrong with any of these. Pump is less about what you like to shoot, and more about what feels better; because not all of us are built the same. Simple as that. Before you buy, ask to try out a pumpers gun.

If you see something you like on a gun, ask about it.  Nine (9) out of ten (10) times, you’re going to learn a lesson about a gun and sometimes, there’s even a story behind it.

What will your pump story be?



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