Outsmart A Flank In Woodsball

Woodsball Tactics Like These Don't Come Easy

Don’t Get Flanked | Outsmart A Flank

(DL) — Here are some badass last man tactics for paintball.

When To Shoot isn’t always when you think. Gain an understanding of the value in reading your opposition and using their aggression or assumptions against them. Learn the two takeaway tactics of when to shoot in this tactical video when you and your team are about to be flanked.

Sure this is a bit technical, but you can put all the pieces together. Check out DangerMan’s wildly popular YouTube channel and this video for intelligent entertaining instruction. Raise your woodsball game up while having fun doing it.  Enjoy this short video from DangerMan and share it if you care!

Did you Learn How To Outsmart The Flankers?

Paintball is as much a game of chess as it is checkers. You can’t just brawl. You need to set yourself up to win. Let other players make mistakes. It can even happen when they have the upper hand! It’s not always bulletproof but if you can play with grace under pressure you will turn yourself into a great paintball player.

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This DangerMan video was shot at OXCC.com in Chesapeake City Maryland. It’s home to SuperGame East and many other scenario games. Be sure to check them out.

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