OXCC’s North vs South Scenario 2018 Game Review

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OXCC’s North vs South Scenario 2018 Game Review

(DL) — Game Review of North vs South Scenario Sunday, March 25, 2018, at OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD. It’s only the second year of the North vs South paintball scenario game. For the second year in a row, the South has won.

I’m proud to inform as South’s General in the 2017 inaugural year, I established the South as the team to beat. The North will need to wait one more year to get yet one more shot at changing history.

What is this all about? Isn’t paintball played on a small speedball field that’s flat and only last three minutes? This is scenario paintball, something that has actually been around longer than speedball.

It last all day and the field owners generally use the entire paintball facility instead of one small segment. Hundreds of players come to a scenario game. The best part, there is no real barrier in entry.

You can shoot your speedball marker, a milsim marker, a pump gun or of course any of the standard markers made for casual play. For instance, I used an Empire Mini for this enter event.


North vs South Scenario Game Premise

It’s based on the civil war experiences had during the 1860s but by no means are players expected to dress the part. Sure you can LARP but like any scenario, it’s not a re-enactment, it’s loosely based on the event with traditional paintball objectives built-in.

For a second year, Kristi Barno — an OXCC’s field owner produced the many objectives for players to achieve and build overall points during the day towards a win. Early on the South took and held many field ownership objectives. Get to a flag station, set that part of the field to your team colors and hold that territory for a said amount of time to gain points.

Meanwhile, the North was running up the score achieving many more objectives that rely on retrieving objects for points through cunning clues left about the field. This was an upgrade to gameplay from year one with the two-tiered objectives.

Of course, none of this would be possible without shooting paint! Building in that athletic portion of the game is a must and the balance was spot on. What didn’t seem balanced was the fighting.

Scott Ellenberger had his act together early and the North was quicker, tactically smarter and executed better. The North stormed out to a big lead obtaining many point objectives.

Like Any Sport On A Field Switch Sides For Fairness

Did you know in scenario games teams switch sides to ensure balance and fairness? As strange as it is, at OXCC switching sides is the right thing to do but is it really necessary? The fields are already fairly maneuverable by both sides.

In the morning session, the North did seem to own more of the overall field of play. Again, attribute that to Scott Ellenberger’s team being much more successful through aggression let alone execution. What the South did right was they held key parts of the field. They held territory flags which kept them in the game.

What You Can Accomplish On A Full Stomach

After lunch, the South really came on strong with territories once again but the North spanked them with huge gains in objectives. It’s safe to reveal now that the South had very little radio play between the General (Lorne Leyes aka Panda) and the South’s XO. In fact, when the day started, no XO was at the start to instruct any of the players as to objectives.

Only common knowledge of the previous year objectives helped players ready at the start. It may not have mattered as the North broke across the field much faster and held a great deal of prime ground from the airfields to the octagon in Blacksnake.

Panda Power

Speaking of Lorne Leyes (Panda), he did one hell of a job bringing out players. Not just players but loads of new to paintball players who would without a doubt argue with me this was the best scenario ever.

Their enthusiasm was everywhere and for anyone that felt the least bit of failing energy, their attitude would recharge you on sight.

As for my well-being on the field, I felt fortunate to have return players I met last year who were indispensable (especially in final battle). I’m speaking of players like Killian Le. No team breaks out hard without a brawler and Killian plays decisive paintball.

I’ve not seen the likes of him since players like Mackenzie Blair a well-known highly effective objective player. During the day I witnessed Killian on many bonsai runs to effectively trade out and remove North players from key bunkers allowing other players to finally punch up and punch through. Killian was instrumental in the final battle win as well — covered later.

North vs South at OXCC is timed nicely. It’s in late March when the harshest winter weather should be over but also allowing players to insulate themselves in layers should they want to do so.

One great and noticeable part of the North vs South scenario in 2018 has been the player respect. Watching players acknowledge a hit and walk off the field voluntarily makes any event great.

On this day, a good deal of it took place and that can only be attributed to the culture of the heritage players who are a part of OXCC’s every day (or weekend) life.

Fewer People — More Field

For a game that did not have overwhelming numbers, OXCC was able to utilize its in-house staff of referees. This is great for many reasons, but most of all, they know every inch of the complex and understand where they need to be and how to not interfere with gameplay.

What didn’t work in year two of North vs South was the weather. Just three days prior an unseasonable snowstorm left a foot of snow which promptly melted off but left everything a complete mess. What’s worse?

Trying to run through snow, or trying to stay on your feet running across slick mud with standing pools of water about. But this is part of paintball, like old school football where the outdoor elements become a wildcard factor, even the best of players had a handicap due to the weather.

This almost always favors the newer player and due in part to other scenario events on the east coast challenging North vs South for players, this event drew loads of newer players who had a spectacular day of paintball.

The morning portion before the lunch break seemed all North. More players, more pushing, more success despite all the heart the South held. It just became hard for the south to continuously expand player lives in their effort to extract the North from fortified locations like the two-story airfield building, Chinook choppers, and the octagon.


Scenarios Are Often Always Won at the End

For all the failures of the morning, the south looked to be a different team after lunch. I was witness to one run of the field as the South (now having flipped sides and started from the Firebase), methodically swept what seemed the entirety of the playable area.

Pushing through the village, then through the oil field and boatyard, the south then forcefully and for once easily pushed the North out of the two-story airfield building. Next were the choppers and finally Lego Land. That wasn’t enough. The South then pushed into the Shire and into Blacksnake to even take the octagon.

Where was the North?

The North did rebound a bit. They occupied the Shire and fought for the octagon. For what seemed an hour, the North could only look out from the wood line across the boatyard at what seemed an unending stream of Southern reinforcements. Honestly, this part of the day became stale.

There was no place to punch through or flank for either team. It was just two lines brawling from range with no one really caring what happened outside of the Generals secretly sending out teams to fulfill objectives like finding paintball tubes filled with puzzle pieces. Find three tubes and you had enough pieces of the puzzle to build a map which revealed the point objective.

Final Battle Determines Winner

The North had this game won. So how did the South pull it out? Final battle. Worth a butt load of points, the South claimed all three (3) pinwheels in the final battle to just enough steal the win from the North — much like was done in NvS 2017.

Many players ran suicide runs to the 50-yard line with no time to actually set the pinwheel to their team color (North being Blue and South being Red). Instead, players would run full steam ahead at and past the pinwheel while giving it a spin as they ran by.

Twice the North spun the wheel (while neutral!) and twice it landed Red! What a kick in the teeth! To make matters worse for the North, Gizmo the Ultimate Judge witnessed players taking outs just before they got to the pinwheel and reset the pinwheel to a previous setting in an effort to maintain fairness.

DangerMan And Son Dalton aka DangerBoy

Of course, the North players would argue different – being the Ultimate Judge comes with thick skin. In the end, Killian Le was responsible for Red setting more wheels by dodging what paint it could in time to set a pinwheel red.

We Need the Entire Southwest Side Back

There was a time at OXCC when every inch of the complex was used from the far backwater edge with a hidden 12 foot cliff face (and elbow!) players could attempt to use in hidden flank maneuvers to a swath of forest on the far side of the airfields which again made for an unseen section of field to offer yet more chances to both teams for hidden attacks.

Undoubtedly — because this event drew just about 200 players it made sense not to spread things out too much on 80 acres of land, it would be nice to see these areas and others used once again because the edge of the playing fields at OXCC have always been big fun for advanced players to brawl in style.

Another criticism of North vs South is the final battle. OXCC has been using the same bus field for a final battle in most all of their scenarios. It may be time to find other great locations on this stunning complex to keep things fresh.

In the past, a number of speedball fields were combined which also made for great viewing by spectators. OXCC has options, let’s hope they use them in the future.

Final Battle Deja Vu

A last note on the final battle. Every player on the field knew that the final battle was essentially won by the coin toss. Win the coin toss and claim the bus side and that all but insured a final battle advantage.

Yes, the side of the field you started from offered a huge advantage and this claim is rested on the winners of the past few final battles. It’s always the far side (bus side) near the village that wins the final battle because of better cover and lanes to the pinwheels regardless of where the pinwheels are placed along the 50-yard line.

Hey, maybe in the future DangerMan should field and game produce a scenario? I’m not against the idea.

On the whole, the game and day was a winning experience for all the players. But not super great because let’s be honest, more players make events even better. So by no fault of OXCC’s own, I give this event 3 Dangers out of 5.

It’s really fun time at OXCC anytime, but if we are being honest about this event specifically it fell short due to the lower numbers of players fighting battles without any flanking areas and due to the monotony in the final battle.


Here is what you should leave this article with. North vs South is a great scenario thanks to the game production of objectives on a whole. It was great the first year, it’s been great the second with room for improvement. That will happen.

There is no reason to miss the 2019 installment of North vs South because you can bet yours truly will be there. Just remember to bring your best attitude because in the end, any paintball event is only as good as the respectful players on the field.

Scrub Media

For photos of the event visit DangerMan Prime on Facebook and OXCCs Facebook page which organizes all its event photos in photo galleries. DangerMan’s photos were taken by ScrubMedia in 2018, if you need in-game action photos taken by professional photographers, please use them. DangerMan’s photos were paid for by DangerMan and he’s received NO free services for this endorsement.

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The Paint. Be sure to check him out and tell him DangerMan sent you!
OXCC: Really one of the best if not best paintball scenario facilities on the East Coast. Realistic prices, professional staff, amazing fields – the list can go on.  Thank you to this wonderful family owned business that deserves YOUR business! Tell them DangerMan sent you.

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North vs South Scenario


Game Production




Player Ethic


Player Quality




Guest Services


Paint Quality




Team Balance


Final Battle



  • More improved players over last year
  • Few players complaining of cheating
  • Great ref crew
  • Game production improved
  • Objectives using best buildings


  • Weather sucked
  • Final Battle is unfair
  • No backcreek woods or elbow
  • Low turnout
  • Low turnout caused closed fields
5/5 (1 Review)
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