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Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Barrel covers are the last bastion of innovation in paintball. Dye Paintball has created something everyone wants. Was it really this simple?

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Scenario Paintball

Paintball Event: Polar Bears & Penguins (Woodsball Scenario)

January isn't exactly known for paintball unless your event is Polar Bears & Penguins. TopGun paintball's annual Polar Bears & Penguins usually draws a...

Paintball Tips

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019 (DL) — Every new paintball season new players look to begin their paintball collection. Look no...
We Just Made Buying Your Paintball Gun Easy

DangerMan's Legion


Editors Picks

DangerMan's Easiest One Ball Paintball Shot Ever

DangerMan’s Easiest One Ball Paintball Shot Ever

(DL) — DangerMan's Easiest One Ball Paintball Shot Ever. You seen it here first folks. DangerMan shoots a paintball and it hits a person. Okay......
Chris Fosnacht's Build Your Autococker Guide

So You Want to Build an Autococker the Ultimate Cocker Building Guide

Making your own paintball gun is half the joy in owning an Autococker. Our guide will help you build your own Autococker, a dream come true paintball gun.
Brian Posehn and Ron Funches Support Paintball Fundraiser

Celebrities Support Paintball Fundraiser

Paintball Fundraiser Gets Support from Comedian Ron Funches, Deadpool Writer Brian Posehn and Other Celebrities (DL) - A host of celebrities outside and inside paintball...
How to play paintball for the first time

How To Play Paintball For the First Time

We don't waste time with tips and advice. These are instructions on what to do your first time at paintball.

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide

Woodsball needs a guide for beginners and this is it. All the age-old questions are answered such as how to use trees properly for cover.