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Celebrities Support Paintball Fundraiser

Paintball Fundraiser Gets Support from Comedian Ron Funches, Deadpool Writer Brian Posehn and Other Celebrities (DL) - A host of celebrities outside and inside paintball...

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Scenario Paintball

A Quick Guide to Fulda Gap

Fulda Gap draws thousands of global woodsball paintball players annually in November to Command Decisions in Taylorsville North Carolina. You can camp or stay at a nearby hotel. Parking is organized as much as the teams are by their generals. Don't leave anything to chance, this article is the best guide.

Paintball Tips

Beginner Rec Ball Paintball Tip – Take What The Other Team...

Beginner Rec Ball Paintball Tip - Take What The Other Team Gives (DL) — This paintball tip is not so basic. It may be the...
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Paintball Terms

Glossary of Paintball Terms

Glossary of Paintball Terms Speedball & Woodsball Terms Agg: Short for aggro. It's a complimentary referential point of critique in a paintballers appearance being cool whether...
Primer for Paintball Pump Guns

MVP vs CCM vs Autococker Pump – I’m Looking For Some High-End Help

(DL) — Imagine you've been looking all around the internet, trying to find information about a high-end pump gun. You've seen articles and maybe even...
What Are The Rules to Winning a Paintball Game?

Defining A Win In Paintball

What Defines A Win In Paintball? What is paintball? And just how does anyone achieve a win? Since paintball's beginning, there have been two ways...

The First Time Paintball Player’s Ultimate Guide

The First Time Paintball Player's Ultimate Guide Are You New To Paintball? If You Have Never Played Paintball This Is the Definitive First Time Beginners...

What Is Tagging In Paintball?

What Is Tagging In Paintball? (DL) — What Is Tagging In Paintball? Seems tagging is a rite of passage in paintball. You only need a...