Paintball Event: Polar Bears & Penguins (Woodsball Scenario)

Polar Bears & Penguins

January isn’t exactly known for paintball unless your event is Polar Bears & Penguins. TopGun paintball’s annual Polar Bears & Penguins usually draws a couple hundred of paintballers each year. Like most paintball fields, TopGun is family owned. Unlike many family owned fields, TopGun has a serious family vibe with a super friendly, low key welcoming atmosphere.  It’s in the heart of central New Jersey, in fact it is physically next to Great Adventure Amusement Park in Jackson, New Jersey.

Don’t miss Polar Bears & Penguins! Come out and play with DangerMan in the cold of winter for a warm and cozy time among friends!

HOST: TopGun Paintball
WHEN: Sunday January 27th 2019
WHERE: 567 Monmouth Road, Cream Ridge, New Jersey 08514

TopGun has a proshop, tournament airball fields, an attack and defend fortress and multiple woodsball rec ball fields which make for a great long stretch scenario field when utilized as a full complex paintball field.  Polar Bears & Penguins is an objective based one day scenario which doesn’t get in the way of playoff football either! You have no excuse to miss this annual woodsball scenario event!

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