Paintball Pain on a 1 to 10 Scale

Velocity, Range, Protection & Location Dictate Your Paintball Pain Level


Paintball Pain On A Scale of 1 to 10

This is a pain scale you feel from being hit with a paintball. Pain is relative. We attempt to apply standards to provide a consistent understanding. Again, this scale is not a rating system. It is a pain scale.

This pain scale is a supplement to Do Paintballs Hurt? If you have suggestions to descriptions, contact us! We welcome input from the paintball community. We use a scale of 1 to 10. 


Is pain even a fair term? Not really. Yes, being hit with a paintball can hurt. Most often it does not as our scale below will outline. 

Pain implies an ongoing experience. Paintball hits are not like that. But if you searched Google, you used the term, pain or hurt. We are supplying answers to a question we don’t even like to answer in the context of pain. 

Next, paintballs don’t feel like bee stings or needles. Paintball hits are a fleeting sensation of pain only at skin surface. If paintballs truly hurt, people wouldn’t play the game. But this question is asked by every mother (or father) with concern for their child’s health and safety. The fact is paintballs hurt on thin skin more than thick skin. They hurt more on bare exposed skin. But they don’t hurt much at all. With that said, the level of pain does increase in more intense paintball situations. The comforting news YOU or any parent can take from this article is that NEW PLAYERS ARE SHIELDED from intense paintball game play. That can’t be stressed enough. Pain levels, 9 & 10 illustrated below just won’t happen to a paintball player at a birthday party or friendly first time paintball group. 


A paintball hit at LEVEL 1 would be equal to only noticing you’ve been hit.  A LEVEL 10 hit by a paintball is the worst pain — pretty damn sharp and nasty. 

Paintball Pain Scale Chart

Paintball Injury Questions & Answers

What is the main reason paintballs hurt?

Playing anywhere other than a paintball park is the number one reason for paintballs hurting more than they ever should. YouTubers that perform jackass style stunts and those antics make their way to the mothers of world who decide paintball is dangerous and uncivil. In truth paintball is a very safe sport.

Where is the best place to be hit with a paintball?

The least painful place to be hit with a paintball is a hard part! Those locations would be on your paintball goggle or paintball gun. Avoid shots to your neck, fingers, flank or back of your thigh. All other body parts have less nerve sensitivity due to thicker skin.

Why Do Paintballs Hurt?

Paintballs travel at no less than 184 miles per hour. Nerves below your skin respond to the impact. Some skin layers are thinner than others such as at your neck, flank, fingers and the back of your thigh. More layers or padding in these areas are your best safeguard.

What Factors Influence Paintball Pain?

Four factors influence various paintball pain and injury: Velocity, range, protection and location. Velocity is a constant standard whereas range, body cover and where you are hit are variables.
Paintball Infographic | Four Factors of Impact in how paintballs cause pain
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