Does the Social Paintball ‘Grit’ Sports Bra Take Care of the Ladies?

A Good Start Creating Padded Paintball Protection For Women

Grit Padded Paintball Bra Review

Does the Social Paintball ‘Grit’ Sports Bra Take Care of the Ladies?

(DL) — Social Paintball’s take on sports bras for high-impact sports. How does it stack up for a lady’s needs?

Social Paintball has taken on ladies’ apparel. They have created a sports bras for women who play paintball. Designed to protect a woman’s chest while playing paintball, airsoft, dodgeball, and gym workouts. The standard bra comes in one style and five different sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. This lady’s paintball sports bra retails at $35.00. Should you get it?

Social Paintball review of the Grit Padded Sports Bra
Social Paintball sees the market for women in paintball and offers the ‘Grit’ Ladies Paintball Sports Bra

Construction of Social Paintball’s Grit Sports Bra

The bra is made out of jersey material with a razorback strap. It is a stretch-fit design with no clasps. At first glance a light-weight and minimalist design. Let’s take a second glance:

There is a distinct lack of padding. This is found only in the front section that covers your pectoral muscles. Only thin mesh covers the sides and back. While this is nice for ventilation, it defeats the entire purpose of a bra which is to cover and protect one’s breasts. 

Padding! But is it all in the right places?

The elastic band is made of polyester and covers much of the back with a criss-cross shoulder design. Despite this, the bra lacks support. Running any length of time is an uncomfortable endeavor… but no worries! No one runs in paintball.

Sizing the Social Paintball Grit Sports Bra

I am 5’1″ and wear a 32DD. I have used both small and medium. Both sizes sit at the bottom of my rib cage in the exact same spot. Interviews with other users have revealed, this to not be a fluke. 

Sizing chart for Social Paintball's 'Grit' Paintball Sports Bra for women
Sizing chart for Social Paintball’s ‘Grit’ Paintball Sports Bra for women

Each size seems to use almost the same amount of material only removing a bit from the cup. The small size supports my chest slightly better but the medium allows more room for another layer (which we will return to shortly).

Experienced Opinion of the Grit Sports Braw

The sizing of this bra confuses me. Both sizes sit on the last rib. From speaking to other women – I am lead to believe this was their intent. The sizing chart is cumbersome. I measured myself using the chart. The bra still didn’t fit me properly.

This bra was not designed by a woman. Women know where their breasts start and the structure of them. The padding on this bra covers an area men get hit. My breast tissue starts at my armpit. There is absolutely no padding there.

This bra was also not designed for voluptuous women. There is no support for someone who is well endowed. The one perk of no support is that you do not chafe for the day. But try running without support – it is not an enjoyable experience.

The Grit Cuts the sting. You will still get welts. You decide. Is the Grit Padded Sports Bra by Social Paintball a suitable solution to protect a lady’s chest? NOTE: These hits were received without any additional sports bra underlayers.

I and other women I have spoken to — all wear sports bras under their Social Paintball bra. There should be no need to wear 3 different layers of protection. Yet, there is with this, unfortunately.

There is no padding in the back. So to be fully protected — a woman has to wear a sports bra, the social sports bra, and a padded shirt — $130 worth of protection. 

I have a solution — put a line of padded support in the bra and a line of padding in the back. Boom — no need for padded shirt or sports bra. 

The Bright Side of the Grit Sports Bra

There is a lot of room for negative opinion but there are some positives. First, the material is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. Second, the style of the bra alleviates chaffing. When wearing the bra alone, I experienced little or no chaffing and severe itchiness along my sternum that I typically do with sports bras.

Lastly, the padding does aid in softening the severity of the sting. 

I decided to do more testing to see what serves as the best protection. My breasts were not happy with me but one must sacrifice for the love of the sport. Please watch the video below of me comparing the Social Paintball bra with other chest protectors.

Ultimate Decision on Social Paintball’s Grit Sports Bra

Clear winner — my padded Dri-Fit $35.00 Nike sports bra. Also suggested — ladies please wear a bra if you go with the padded shirt. 

Bottom Line – a valiant effort – but you can tell this bra was not made by a woman.

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Paintball FAQ’s

Do They Make Sports Bras For Paintball?

Yes. Social Paintball produces and sells a padded sports bra made specifically for paintball.

What do I wear to paintball?

Dress for the weather and ease of movement. Sneakers are better than boots. Dress for long-range. New players are placed in long-distance game situations to minimize a paintball impact making a hoodie unnecessary. If you intend to shoot at close range, then protect your pain points, fingers, flank, and neck.

Do Paintballs Hurt?

Yes. Inside the accurate range of 50 feet, a paintball can hurt and leave a welt. If you are a first time player, responsible fields create game situations to keep players at long-range. Some players can be aggressive to shoot from an accurate range, but in most cases, new players shoot from long range.

What does getting hit by a paintball feel like?

Being hit by a paintball inside accurate range (that’s fifty-feet) will feel like a large radius bee sting, and similar to being stabbed with a needle. The sensation lasts no more than ten seconds and usually dissipates within five seconds. From a long-range beyond seventy-five feet, a paintball will bounce off of you without any pain.


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