Paintball Tips: DangerMan’s 5 Forms Of Field Awareness

Paintball Tips: Paintball Tips: DangerMan's 5 Forms Of Field Awareness

Paintball Tips: DangerMan’s 5 Forms Of Field Awareness

(DL) — Speedball Paintball has it’s Olly Lang’s and Brian Greenspan’s. In Woodsball, DangerMan is a name players respect for both in game athleticism and superior tactical game play. It doesn’t happen overnight. Over 15 years of paintball skills manifest themselves in DangerMan videos.

Here DangerMan offers the new and established woodsball paintball player an easy checklist to roll over in your mind as you are engaged in paintball scrums on any type field of play. Check out DangerMan’s wildly popular YouTube channel and this video below featuring 5 paintball tips to raise any players game.

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