Quick Paintball Tips

Quick Paintball Tips

(DM)  — Pressed for time or just like to watch short videos? DangerMan’s Quick Tip videos are generally 2 minutes or less.  Here is an assembled list of paintball tips by DangerMan from his popular YouTube Channel: DangerManXX.

All of DangerMan’s Quick Tips Curated

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Perhaps the quickest tip of them all!

Shot at OXCC in Chesapeake City Maryland during SuperGame East with paintball legend Greg Hastings

The #1 n00b mistake! “It’s a major, major no no!”

Shot at On TopGun paintball during The Alamo Woodsball Scenario

Need to post out to hold a lane? This is how you do it.

Even Woodsballers need to survive a snap shot battle!

Paintball isn’t just fun. It can also be funny.

One of the foundational skills so many of us don’t execute as we should.

Are you still using C02?

A quick visual on how to balance your attack. Filmed at Paintball Action Games, Newark, Delaware.

New players live in fear of moving. Many players question where their safest move is.

DangerMan says don’t go prone! DangerMan says go prone! Which is it!!!

The secret to being invisible on the paintball field. So easy it should be a crime.

Lexan lenses are amazing for withstanding impact, but they scratch so easy. At $20 to $40 a replacement lens, it’s a good idea to find out what protectant won’t tear off your finish and what fabrics won’t scratch your lenses.

Filmed at Paintball Action Games in Newark Delaware

The original how to pack paintball video with a couple details you didn’t get in the Greg Hastings and DangerMan version.