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DangerMan’s Paintball Bible ebook is the Definitive Woodsball Manual (Paperback Available)


DangerMan’s Paintball Bible (ebook/pdf)  

Need paperback?  Amazon $24.95  The Kindle ebook is included with your purchase of the Paperback! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1693631032/

This the PDF ebook in Hi-Resolution! Buy it here and get free new additions for two years!


  • Paintball’s Origin
  • Paintball’s Formats, Types, and Variants explained
  • A detailed woodsball game walk-through
  • Rec Ball technique
  • Paintball Angles explained
  • A Thinking man’s guide to woodsball
  • Specific tactics for rec ball woodsballers
  • Translation of speedball fundamentals to woodsball
  • Secret strategies
  • Diagrams
  • Illustrations
  • Step-by-step photo instructions
  • Glossary
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DangerMan’s Paintball Bible ebook

DangerMan’s Paintball Bible is required reading for every woodsball paintball player.

Written by Woodsball World Cup (2014 5 man Division) Champion Lars Hindsley aka DangerMan of YouTube fame. Professional paintball players have started on his instructional videos. Now he has produced the ultimate, simplified reference manual.

DangerMan’s Paintball Bible goes beyond HOW TO. Lars lays out concepts then provides detailed instructions on how to use them in real game environments. Written for the Saturday recreational paintball (rec ball) player. Great for established players looking to fill in gaps in knowledge.

Foundational speedball practices are utilized but not emphasized, only translated into transferable skills used in woodsball.

If you are new to paintball or an old pro, this belongs in your gear bag.

This PDF ebook is the high-resolution copy for your digital bookshelf at only $12.95

The paperback version is available for $24.95 at Amazon.com

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Understanding The Buzzwords


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