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Lars Hindsley

Executive Editor

Lars coordinates multiple editorial publications. He mentors the editors overseeing final copy.

A paintballer for 18 years, he's won tournaments on many teams including the 2015 5 Man Division of the Woodsball World Cup where he was voted team MVP.

As YouTube Celebrity Personality DangerMan, Lars Hindsley comes to DangerMan's Lair with 15+ years of web development and web server administration skills. Combined with video production & graphic design talents, his portfolio boasts over 400 web sites and 400 videos produced.

Bea Youngs Paxson

Contributing Editor

One of the most successful and worldwide known female paintballer, Bea is known as one of paintball's best ambassadors.

In 2000, there weren't many female players playing national tournaments, thus manufacturers began to search for females to help endorse their products. For Bea, it was more than just putting on a "happy face" and smiling for the camera.

She has worked hard to advance the sport because of her educational background, hands-on experience, and because of her industry relationships as an individually sponsored female player.

Michelle McGonigle

Contributing Editor

Michelle first picked up paintball around the age of 14. Playing over 15 years, she has been with the same scenario team for 13 years.

She picked up the moniker Trouble from her team 13th Legionaires as it suites her.

She loves all styles of paintball from scenario to speedball. Her goto marker is currently the Etha.

Her style of play is frontline on the 50. She's a brawler.

Adriana Andreko

Contributor Editor

Adriana has been exceeding expectations of her tiny stature on the paintball field since 2014.

Many people are taken aback when this unassuming, tiny, kind-spoken woman, attacks them on the field with all she has. She is a leader on and off the field and is unafraid to get down and dirty with the boys.

Adriana has been the general of 4 different scenarios and taken home the win of 3. She also serves as XO for Mayhem Co at ION where she commands over 100 men.

Adriana's goto marker is the Mini GS but dabbles in many types of markers. Better keep an eye in all directions or she will sneak up behind you.

Dan Andreko

Contributing Editor

Dan has been playing recreational paintball for over 20 years and has consistently played in 2014.

Dan's main game styles are rec ball and scenario but loves to diversify. Dan's weapon of choice is his KP3 pump but enjoys many different markers including Etek 5, Emek, Gmek, and many others. If he has an opportunity to melee, watch out for his sword.

Mandi Terrell

Contributing Editor

Mandi A.K.A "Bubblegum" can POP out of anywhere so watch out! Her peak is small but her moves are big; as is her personality. You typically find her on the scenario and woods ball end of the spectrum although watch out ya'll shes loves hyper-pipe.

She enjoys taunting opposing teammates who are just out of reach, leading pushes and just having a good time! After all, we are brothers and sisters in the game. She is an advocate for growing the sport and getting more woman involved so much that she has 2 (approaching) lady ballers of her own.

Colorado born and Delaware raised OXCC is her home field as she is a part of the OX coalition. The only adult female baller in Angellic Rage you'd think her orange jersey couldn't be missed until she is unexpectedly locked in a fire fight with you.

Nick Anderson

Contributing Review Editor

Nick has been involved in paintball since 2008. Nick's owned and worked on a variety of guns and enjoys helping players with any kind of gun problem.

Nick is a dedicated scenario player with primarily pump and mechanical guns but also owns a variety of electronic markers. You'll often see him pushing the back line up to battle. His home field is On Target Paintball in Pemberton NJ

Chris Fosnacht

Contributing Review Editor

Chris is a 20 paintball veteran. He started in 1995 playing on fields outside of Chicago.

He has since moved to the Washington DC area, playing up and down the Mid-Atlantic.

Chris is a member of the scenario Team Defiance, a team centered around charity causes.

Chris has acted as XO in dozens of events and scenario big games including Commander at Fulda Gap for NATO.

In 2019, Team Defiance has raised over $25,000 for Pathfinders for Autism and Red Devils: Horns of Hope Charities.

Kristen Nagl

Contributing Editor

Kristen Nagl comes from Clinton Township, Michigan. She started playing tournament paintball with her fiance just two years ago. She has since played multiple tournaments and events ranging from speedball,scenario, and woods ball. She recently made the USA Women's paintball team at the 2019 combine tryouts.
Through paintball, she found that it could be a positive outlet to release tension, aggression, or built up emotions. Her favorite parts about the sport are the time she gets to spend with her fiance and the friendships she has made. Some of her favorite players in the game are Alex Goldman and Bea Paxson.