10 Things In Paintball You Don’t Do

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make in Paintball

10 Things You Don't Do In Paintball

10 Essential Paintball No No’s

(DL) — Are you new to paintball or have a friend that needs vital help learning paintball? There are some things you just do in paintball and we have a solid 10 of them for you to remember as a beginner paintball player.

We don’t say ten things you never do in paintball. Never is an extreme and there are often exceptions to rules.

For almost 20 years DangerMan has been assisting new players to ramp up and become established players quickly. Some of the best players in tournament paintball cut their teeth on instructional DangerMan videos. Why? Because DangerMan focuses on one side of paintball where most players participate — Woodsball.

Let’s dive right in. You’ve seen plenty of WHAT TO DO articles or videos. Here DangerMan offers a  list of things you DO NOT do in paintball.

This list of 10 things not to do will help make you a better paintball player on two fronts. It will improve your game, and improve your game ethics, which is vitally important in the paintball community.

Exposed feet in paintball are a favorite target of advanced players
We got this! Hey, where’d he go
Dude. Where’s the rest of the team?
Try running from your stomach. Better yet, stay on your feet!
The unspoken creed — Bonus ball me. I’ll bonus ball you
Paintball is a game for the strong of will
Don’t Call Yourself Out On A Bounce
Laying in wait is boring. After that first shot — They’re on you!
Putting your whole team in one bunker allows the other team to maneuver around one object.
When you lose teammates the middle becomes a kill box – leave the middle to established players

1Don’t Play The Middle – No Man’s Land