You Do NOT Need To Wear A Hoodie To Paintball! The Ultimate Guide To What To Wear At Paintball

Are you Cold? In 80 Degree Heat?

You Do NOT Need To Wear A Hoodie To Paintball! The Ultimate Guide To What To Wear At Paintball

(DL) — How would you like to know exactly what to wear to paintball without ever being told what to wear? I bet I can do that for you right now.

Then, at the end. You’ll get some top-notch recommendations of how to dress for paintball.  NOT what to wear.

Let’s get one thing clear. A hoodie at paintball on a summer day says n00b. More important, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WEAR A HOODIE TO PAINTBALL.

Let’s do this. Read this article and learn how to actually dress for paintball and in doing so, you’ll know exactly why a hoodie is a joke. If you still can’t figure it out, the answer will be spelled out clear at the end.

Fair enough?

Good. Let’s church you up on some serious paintball knowledge.

Why Do You Want to Know What To Wear To Paintball?

The answer? You’re afraid. It’s okay. Admit it. You don’t want to get hurt. Hey! Someone is firing round balls at you, they must hurt!  And yes. They can hurt.

Wow… so much to teach you here in a short time… You want to know what to wear because you want to protect yourself from pain. This is entirely a legitimate decision on your part. And truthfully, established players do wear protective clothing. They have just cause. You… not so much. That’s not a dig! This is a serious point!

So Do Paintballs Hurt?

Yes and no. If you are shot at 15 feet a paintball will hurt. No doubt about it! It will also leave a mark. It will bruise. And the photos of people purposefully being over-shot with paintballs make for a serious laugh at the expense of the willing victim.

That is not paintball. That’s a bored player that clearly enjoys pain. Imagine that goofy friend or rediculous cousin who does stupid crap. Now imagine a world full of them in the age of the Internet. Make any sense here? They do not represent paintball. This sport is actually one full of honorable ethics and principled players.

Why say all that?

Because Paintballs will hurt if not played under the right conditions.

New Paintball Players Play Under Set Conditions

Rec Ball games are designed to keep players at a distance that does NOT result in purple eclipse welts and nasty raised bruises. Those can occur if someone in your group is more interested in being overly aggressive.

Consider that your entire group is already concerned about being hurt.  The first time paintball player isn’t necessarily looking to charge downfield, they are tentative and careful. It’s obviously going to lead to long-distance, ranged shooting. The paintballs you shoot will in fact often have a hard time reaching opponents until everyone begins to shake their concerns. When the fear subsides, the fun begins and even then no one is charging another player.

No Bunkering

Did you know fields have rules on playing too close? To shoot from close range at the bunker your opponent is in, is called bunkering. Unless every player agrees to bunkering, and IF the field allows it, there is no bunkering in Rec Ball. That only occurs in tournament speedball.

Are you playing outlaw ball in the woods with no supervision for your first time of paintball? Of course not. You are playing at a paintball field where a long-time community of players return time and again like church. It’s seriously a place with usual customers and players who have become friends.  They know they can crush a new player, so why bother?

What to Wear To Paintball

Dangerman’s Best Advice is rubber cleats with a wide print. You don’t want hard cleats or any type cleat that will catch on wood or skate over a large rock. Soft rubber. Boots if it’s muddy and tie the strings tight!

Dress for the weather. Dress for comfort. Dress to keep your ears clear because communication is your number one asset in paintball. If you can’t hear teammates well, you sure won’t hear an opponent running up on you.

DangerMan Pounces On A Player Who Can't Hear Him
All Too Easy — DangerMan Pounces On A Player Who Can’t Hear Him

Gloves. Getting shot in the finger does indeed hurt. See the article, Top Three Worst Places to Get Hit With A Paintball.

Knee protection in the woods is a big deal. Cover them with something because if you fly to the ground in haste, you’ll do serious damage. Dress for comfort and weather. That is really all you need. Wow. So easy.

Okay… yes. As you get more into the sport. As you become a brawler and want to play up-close and personal, then invest armguards.


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