What is A Scenario Paintball Game?

Scenario Paintball is Rec Ball, Woodsball, Speedball, Milsim, Pump, Mechanical and more playing side-by-side

What Is A Scenario Paintball Game?

Summing up a scenario paintball game in one sentence is impossible. Try this explanation. Scenario is a massive objective based big team battle. That doesn’t cut it.

Perhaps this next attempt will sum it up. Scenario is a massive paintball game utilizing not one field but the entire paintball complex for an entire day of fun. That’s only partially true. A scenario can last longer than a day. And there is much more.

Opening Battle of Invasion of Normandy aka ION at Skirmish in Jim Thorpe PA

Scenario Paintball Requires A Detailed Outline

Big Team Battle

Scenario is a big team battle that lasts all day. Battles between two or more teams ranging from less than 100 to into the 1000’s of paintball players. Teams this big generally use the entire complex, shutting down all other gameplay for the day.

Every Scenario Begins with Orientation and Game Rules


Every type of player plays.

  • Casual first timer
  • Casual weekend Rec Ball paintball player
  • Milsim enthusiasts
  • One ball pump players
  • Tournament speedball players

The many disciplines and styles play side-by-side. Unlike other forms of paintball, if you are shot out, your game isn’t over. You go re-insert and play until the game ends. Yes, there is a lunch break.

What Is The Appeal Of Scenario Paintball?

To start, it allows players to play continuously all day. If you are shot out, you respawn. You don’t wait 20 minutes between games.

Play as long as you like. Sure the game is all day or longer. You can play for a few hours and go home.

Flanking! How often do you ever really get a chance to get around a team? Hardly ever in Rec Ball. With the entire complex to play on, you will have your chance to exploit the edges.

Friends Create Paintball Teams Specifically for Scenario Games: Skirmish – Stalingrad Is Held Every March

Big opening battles and big Final battles. These are almost always epic moments in the game. Don’t ever miss the start, but definitely don’t miss the final battle.

Prizes and awards. These events almost always have give-aways at the end. You can also win MVP or MVT awards for prestige!

The list goes on. Scenarios are places to make new friends. Buy gear from a collection of vendors, get your gun fixed! Just attend one scenario and you’ll be hooked.

Not A Reenactment

Players Inside The Block Fortress at On Target Paintball’s Living Dead Scenario

Scenarios are not re-enactments. Events are produced playing off existing video games,  movie genres, books, historical events or any unique concept a game producer can dream up. Teams battle for objectives based around the themes listed previously to keep each event feeling new and fresh. Like Zombies? There are even scenarios those too.

Worth Noting

You can enter a scenario as a single player. You can enter with a few friends and pick a side. You can bring an entire team of players to play for a side. Often groups or teams are highly sought after by generals to help them in winning the day before it begins. Recruiting players is a big part of the game for generals.

What is a Game Producer?

You may hear the term ‘producer’ a lot if you get to know scenario paintball better. Because scenarios have themes, concepts, objectives and are based on something like a historical event, movie plot, game universe, or anything that can be dreamed up to take the game of paintball beyond just shooting at other players (which is great) – someone has to be responsible for creating it.

Cap Ronin setting the stix to his team colors in the final battle of North vs South at OXCC in Chesapeake City MD

The game is produced. It can be handled in-house by the paintball field ownership and management, or they can pay someone to ‘produce’ it for them. Sometimes, teams or players volunteer to do this. Game production is key to making an event great or not worth attending. Great events become a staple and repeat year-after-year.

Events with the most original concepts do well. One that stands out is On Target Paintball’s Living Dead. It’s produced by Josh Gould.

Tanks and Nerf Rockets

Yes. In scenario, you will often see tanks. Not all events have tanks. Those that do, have specific rules for gameplay and of course for safety. There is always a ref assigned to a tank.

Most players hate tanks. But most like nerf rockets. Not because they don’t hurt, but because of what they do. Nerf rockets can help rebalance a game in an instant. Nerfs are bunker busters.

If a band of players is holding an objective such as building and you simply can’t overwhelm their forces, a nerf or as they are called in the game – a law rocket will sort them out nicely. A hit to the building with the law rocket will result in every player inside that walled area being equal to being shot out with paint. Every game has rules. You should read them.

Speaking of rules.

The Rules

Never overlook the rules. Scenarios often have obscure rules that upset players at the games, during those games because the players fail to simply research in advance and learn the rules.

For instance, one year our small band of players was asked to play as a ‘third entity’. We were not a neutral team. We were a pain in the ass. And neither of the two primary teams made up of 100’s of players understood our team had respawned points in the middle of the field, NOT the back.

Shooting our players out resulted in us often walking through a teams line, and respawning behind them at designated stations only to shoot those same players in the back. Read the rules.

The Best Scenarios

Wow. What a question. We will make our own subjective top ten list. For now, let’s just share that around the United States and the world there are special events you want to experience at least once in your life as a paintballer. If you want a comprehensive list, visit our Events/Scenario Paintball department here at DangeMan’s Lair.

Here are a few DangerMan enjoys:

Living Dead – On Target Paintball – Pemberton New Jersey – Annually in September

ION – Skirmish – Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania – Annually July

Red, White & Blue – OXCC – Chesapeake City Maryland – Annually May

For more, visit our Events department in our main menu.


Scenarios are what every paintballer eventually graduates to participate in. It’s where all the players find common ground. Don’t you want to play scenario paintball?


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