Woodsball Paintball Tip

Which Of These 5 Do You Already Use?

Woodsball Paintball Tip - 5 Forms of Field Awareness

Woodsball Paintball Tip

(DL) — Here’s a hot woodsball paintball tip. How do players seem to instinctively know when to make a bold move with a huge pay-off. You’ve seen it in every form of paintball. Where speedball paintball has it’s Olly Lang’s and Brian Greenspan’s, woodsball paintball has DangerMan.

Is It Instinct?

They share something in common. What’s earned them all respect for both in-game athleticism and superior tactical gameplay isn’t instinct. It’s a skill everyone can employ. It doesn’t happen overnight.

While players at the top of their game seem to instinctively know what to do at all times — it’s not instinct. It’s something everyone can achieve.

5 Forms Of A Learned Skill

In the video below DangerMan offers to both new and established woodsball paintball players an easy checklist. Next time you play paintball, roll over them in your mind while engaged in a paintball scrum — on any type field of play.

These 5 woodsball paintball tips will raise your game.

Which 5 Do You Already Have In Your Game?

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