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Paintball Answers the Call During COVID-19

Paintball has partnered with the American Red Cross and America's Blood Centers to build awareness you can still give blood during the pandemic. Learn how.
The Paintball Cares Blood Drive event hopes to educate the public that even during the pandemic, you can still give blood.

Latest Articles

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Scenario Paintball

Paintball Event: Endless Legends (Woodsball Scenario)

If you recognize the artwork and name 'Legends", yes this is affiliated with producers of Living Legends (CPX Events) paintball scenarios.  Yes!  It is...
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Paintball Tips

Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands

Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands (DL) — Here is a great quick tip! Can you shoot switch? It's not easy to learn...
A Secret Made Simple in Shooting Switch
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Editors Picks

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide

Woodsball needs a guide for beginners and this is it. All the age-old questions are answered such as how to use trees properly for cover.
Women In Paintball Podcast

Podcast Paintball Talk with Adriana Andreko

Podcast Paintball Talk with Adriana Andreko (DL) — Our second podcast of the season is up. In two parts, we talk to Adriana Andreko about...
Planet Eclipse Mech Paintball Gun M170R Product Review

Planet Eclipse GTEK M170R Paintball Gun Review: The Best Mechanical Among Electros

The versatility of Planet Eclipse's m170r is spot-on. It can take abuse while being gentle on paint.
Grit Padded Paintball Bra Review

Does the Social Paintball ‘Grit’ Sports Bra Take Care of the Ladies?

There is a lot of room for negative opinion but there are some positives. First, the material is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.

Greg Hastings Podcast with DangerMan

Greg Hastings Podcast with DangerMan (DL) — New to DangerMan's Lair are Podcasts, part of the DangerMan Media Network. While not every podcast is dedicated to...
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