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Dye Paintball Innovates Barrel Covers

Barrel covers are the last bastion of innovation in paintball. Dye Paintball has created something everyone wants. Was it really this simple?
Need A Better Barrel Cover? Dye Does it for $15.00

Latest Articles

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Scenario Paintball

A Quick Guide to Fulda Gap

Fulda Gap draws thousands of global woodsball paintball players annually in November to Command Decisions in Taylorsville North Carolina. You can camp or stay at a nearby hotel. Parking is organized as much as the teams are by their generals. Don't leave anything to chance, this article is the best guide.
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Paintball Tips

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019

What Paintball Gun & Gear To Buy First 2019 (DL) — Every new paintball season new players look to begin their paintball collection. Look no...
We Just Made Buying Your Paintball Gun Easy
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Editors Picks

Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands

Paintball Tip To Shoot Switch From Both Hands (DL) — Here is a great quick tip! Can you shoot switch? It's not easy to learn...
Dye i5 Mask Review

Dye’s i5 Mask Remains Top Goggle 

Dye's i5 Mask Remains Top Goggle Dye improved on the i4 with consideration of backwards compatibility to their Horizon degree Horizon lenses.  Small improvements across...
Never Call Paintballs Bullets

Quick Paintball Tip – It’s Paint

Quick Paintball Tip - It's Paint (DL)  — New players in paintball make a common mistake. While many don't know paintballs are made of a...
Chris Fosnacht's Build Your Autococker Guide

So You Want to Build an Autococker the Ultimate Cocker Building Guide

Making your own paintball gun is half the joy in owning an Autococker. Our guide will help you build your own Autococker, a dream come true paintball gun.
Woodsball Paintball Tip - 5 Forms of Field Awareness

Woodsball Paintball Tip

Woodsball Paintball Tip (DL) — Here's a hot woodsball paintball tip. How do players seem to instinctively know when to make a bold move with...
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