Paintball Terms

Glossary of Paintball Terms

Speedball & Woodsball Terms Agg: Short for aggro. It’s a complimentary referential point of critique in a paintballers appearance being cool whether it is their dress or physical stance through attitude. It originated in the early 2000’s in SoCal. Agg from aggro which means awesome in surfing. Backman: This term has specific meaning to speedball […]

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Quick Tips

Quick Paintball Tips

(DM)  — Pressed for time or just like to watch short videos? DangerMan’s Quick Tip videos are generally 2 minutes or less.  Here is an assembled list of paintball tips by DangerMan from his popular YouTube Channel: DangerManXX. Stop back, this list is dynamic.  Share this page with friends in paintball. It’s Paint! Perhaps the […]

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