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Scenario Paintball

We Talk to the 3 Female Scenario Paintball Generals of The 100

We Talk To The 3 Female Paintball Generals Leading the utterly original Paintball Scenario Game 'The 100' (DL) —The 100 Paintball Scenario Game Features 3 Female Paintball...
Three Generals and Game Production All Females - That's Paintball

Paintball Tips

Beginner Woodsball Paintball Guide

Woodsball needs a guide for beginners and this is it. All the age-old questions are answered such as how to use trees properly for cover.
First time woodsball players don't need speedball tips. Recball woodsball paintballers need a woodsball guide.

DangerMan's Legion


Editors Picks

Outsmart A Flank In Woodsball

Don't Get Flanked | Outsmart A Flank (DL) — Here are some badass last man tactics for paintball. When To Shoot isn't always when you think. Gain...
DangerMan's Easiest One Ball Paintball Shot Ever

DangerMan’s Easiest One Ball Paintball Shot Ever

(DL) — DangerMan's Easiest One Ball Paintball Shot Ever. You seen it here first folks. DangerMan shoots a paintball and it hits a person. Okay......
Polar Bears & Penguins

Paintball Event: Polar Bears & Penguins (Woodsball Scenario)

January isn't exactly known for paintball unless your event is Polar Bears & Penguins. TopGun paintball's annual Polar Bears & Penguins usually draws a...

Dye DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Marker & Woodsball Paintball Gun

The Dye Paintball DSR is the brainchild of Billy Wing. It is a working man's tournament gun. This paintball marker defies the midlevel price point performing as a top-level tournament gun you can take into the woods for maximum efficiency with low maintenance, easy maintenance and a whole lot more. DangerMan's review is based on over a year of constant steady use, not an out of the box review. This is a true paintball gun review you can rely on.

Paintball Impact on a 1 to 10 Scale

Just how much do paintballs hurt? This scale from 1 to 10 gives you a good idea from an itch to unbearable pain.